Ben McAdoo will be fired, it could happen as early as Monday –

Ben McAdoo will be fired, it could happen as early as Monday


OAKLAND, Calif. – The Giants will finally fire Ben McAdoo, maybe as early as Monday.

That's what ESPN definitely reported in the morning hours before the Giants' visit to the Raiders on Sunday – that McAdoo is definitely out, citing sources who said that Eli Manning's mismanagement was the straw He filled the glbad.

The report also called the job security of manager Jerry Reese "very tenuous", but let's be honest: if the Giants do not fire Reese after this season in his ninth life to put a respectable product on the field – with a draft definition to come – they will remain equally lost.

The Giants did not comment on the McAdoo report when contacted by the Daily News, and co-owners John Mara and Steve Tisch still did not respond to the emails early on Sunday. But Mara's statement on Wednesday about McAdoo goes on saying a lot.

Mara was asked if she could guarantee that McAdoo was safe for the final games of this season, and Mara drastically changed the tone of the November 13 statement of the property she had stressed that they would not. t make a decision until the end of the year:

"There are no guarantees in life," Mara said Wednesday on McAdoo's job security. "(We) made (our) statement about that a couple of weeks ago, but there are no guarantees in life."

The Giants have not fired a coach midseason since 1976 when Bill Arnsparger was let go for seven games in his third season with a record of 7-28 (.200). McAdoo is 13-15 (.464), but has lost 10 of his last 13 games and not only has he lost team strips, he now owns it.

LeRoy Andrews in 1930 was the only Giants coach to come out in the season. Jim Fbadel announced his own dismissal with two games left in 2003, but he coached the last two games.

Mara is to blame for the clumsiness of Manning's bench above all, but the co-owner of the Giants was visibly moved even by the mention of McAdoo's name on Wednesday, given the Giants' 2-9 record and the poor proposal of McAdoo to Manning who did not align with Mara's transition plan.

"I'm not going to … We're 2-9, you know?" Exasperated Mara said when asked about McAdoo's job performance. "We're 2-9, are you okay? I'm embarrbaded about that, nobody's doing a good job."

Mara said she just wanted to see the other marshals in the game action and thought the Giants would be informing Manning that in the games that would go south, they would want to see the other players.

But McAdoo called Manning to his office and told him he would play the first half of Sunday against the Raiders and then he would leave no matter what about Geno Smith. And McAdoo basically said that Manning would only be starting to keep his early streak alive.

Manning fell asleep and on Tuesday he told McAdoo to undermine his plan and start Smith as the plan would "tarnish" Manning's initial 210-game streak and do poor service to Smith if the Giants really wanted to play him. QB

  Ben McAdoo could be fired as early as Monday.

Ben McAdoo could be fired as early as Monday.

(Ezra Shaw / Getty Images)

To make matters worse, after Mara clearly described a lack of communication with the coach and an error on the part of McAdoo, the coach returned to the podium on Friday and doubled that he was "on the same page" with Mara and that: "Honestly, I was honest with Eli and I do not regret the way it was handled."

It is surprising that a 31-13 loss to San Francisco 49ers, without victories, has not done Ma and Tisch will shoot McAdoo on November 13, after the anonymity the players had ripped the coach and said the team disconnected him , and that now is the straw that fills the glbad.

But it shows that even owners who show extreme patience can not allow McAdoo's constant inability to deal with people to continue to degrade the Giant brand that has been very successful in the last two years, due to the actions of Mara too.

Mara dropped clues during Wednesday's press conference.

When asked if McAdoo could have handled Manning's situation more delicately, he acknowledged: "I do not think it's necessarily his strength, but I guess he could have done it."

Mara also said of McAdoo's proposal: "Well, it was presented the way Ben thought it should be presented, and could we have done it differently? I guess they argue that we could have done it, yes."

This whole season has been developing, a notable change from McAdoo's 11-5 rookie record and the playoff spot in 2016.

There was a great crescendo after the loss of Giants in Santa Clara, after which Mara and Tisch released an unprecedented kind of statement that began: "Issued in response to questions from the media about the team's record 1-8, the team's performance of the last two weeks in losses to the Rams and 49ers, and about the state of head coach Ben McAdoo: "

The statement that followed expressed some patience but also frustration and indicated that the owners saw exactly what the fans were watching and were not going to sit in. her hands.

"Ben McAdoo is our coach and he has our support, we are in the middle of an extremely disappointing season," they said at the time. "Our performance this year, especially the last two weeks, is inexcusable and frustrating, although we appreciate that our fans are not happy with what has happened, nobody is more upset than us.

" Our plan is to do what we always do We have done, which is not to offer a continuous comment about the season. It is our responsibility to determine the reasons for our poor performance and, at the end of the year, we will evaluate the 2017 season in its entirety and make a determination on how we move forward. "

Sunday's report made it clear, however, that a decision, and now it's just a question if McAdoo returns to New Jersey before he stuffs himself in.

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