Ben Affleck Starr Sparks ‘Hypnotic’ COVID-Related Insurance Suit

According to the complaint, Chubb National Insurance refused to extend the entire policy due to the delay in film production.

Pandemic-related delays on Ben Affleck’s latest film Hypnotic Has sued an insurance company refusing to extend the coverage period without the COVID-19 exception, even though the original policy was not one.

Hoosegow Productions is suing the Chubb National Insurance Company for breach of contract and fraud, and asking a California federal judge, among other claims, that Husovo extended the policy’s expiration date according to Chubb National’s customs and behavior . Chub National’s express and implied representation “and that the insurer has no obligation to expand coverage in the claim and may instead submit a renewal policy in which the COVID-19 exclusion is incorrect.

The film was set to begin major photography in April, but like countless other Hollywood productions, it was postponed due to an epidemic. Hosego reached out to Chubb about an extension and claimed that it had been ignored for two months before the company rejected the “global Chubb status” extension request.

Production company bought film producers risk policy for this Hypnotic And it argues that the long-established policy of the insurer is that if production is delayed or interrupted until production is complete. but when Hypnotic The epidemic was delayed due to Hosago saying that Chubb refused to expand the policy and instead offered to “renew” it with more limited coverage.

“Specifically, Chubb National stated that the policy would be ‘renewed’ only in addition to the exclusion applicable to losses related to COVID-19, which would deprive Hosgow of the coverage it had purchased and under its current policy “The Complaint,” as promised, is posted in full below.

The policy, according to the complaint, includes $ 58 million production media coverage per event, $ 58 million media perilance coverage and $ 58 million per capita coverage announcement. It also provides that Chubb will pay for the actual production losses due to “the inability of the essential element or other declared person” to perform his duties, in this case, Affleck and director Robert Rodriguez. According to Hosego, the policy term is October 28, 2019, through October 28, 2020, but the deadline is merely a formality and the parties understood that coverage would be extended if filming extended beyond that date.

“The policy does not include a virus exclusion, pandemic exclusion, COVID-19 exclusion, or any other similar exclusion,” the complaint states. Hoosegow argues that it is customary to extend the expiration date “without any material change or reduction in coverage” and that it was expressly assured in writing by the company’s underwriter.

Hosego alleged that Chubb found himself embroiled in a “coordinated plan to unfairly take policy advantage” from his clients in the entertainment industry in an effort to save millions of dollars.

Chubb did not immediately respond to a request for comment.