Belter 245 results: Phil Davis earned split decision over Lyoto Machida, scaring Kat Zingano late

Phil Davis and Lyoto Machida once again went to the judges.

The former light heavyweight champion met his UFC 163 Battle seven years ago in a rematch at the 245 Main Event on Friday night at Mohangan Sun Arena in Connhall in Annsville. Davis unanimously made a decision that was surrounded by controversies in the first meeting. .

After spending another 15 minutes together, Davis took a commanding lead in the series in another close affair.

Both fighters were very cautious as they hit the leg and body kick one by one. Davis hits a nice head kick around the halfway goal which Machida ate, and then responds with one of his own. The exchange of kicking continued throughout the round, while Davis was later using a variety of signs to establish his wrestling in the round.

Davis opened the second round with a hard kick to the body. “Mr. Wonderful” will climb Masida’s feet as he tries to defeat the former UFC champion in his game. Davis continues to kick his opponent’s body hard, while Machida hits him on the head in the final two minutes. One kick. Davis will land on a right field, forced to catch Machida’s attention, which appears to be a slip by Machida. Davis will catch the Machida body kick and close-up as the round ends. Got closer. Machida apparently ran away with a fence grab or two.

The pacing didn’t change much to start the final verse. Davis and Machida both scored with a hard leg kick. Within just three minutes to go, Machida landed a clean-two combination, followed by a left hand. After Davis lands a right hand, Masida lands a leg kick answered by Lewis. The final minutes of the fight and Machida counter Davis leg kick with a big right hand. Another hard leg kick by Machida has changed the pace slightly. High kick lands by Machida just before the final bell.

In the end, Davis improved to 2–0 in the series through a split decision.

Cat zingano First Bellator scares late to win

The co-main event saw Kat Zingano’s long-awaited Bellator debut, as she took on Gabrielle Holloway. The two women exchanged big shots in the opening round. Zingano was able to make a tough takedown with just over a minute to go and spent the rest of the round at the top.

After another big round in the second round for Zingano, Holloway reversed his luck in the third round. After an early takedown by Zingano, Holloway gets back on his feet and then ends up in his full mount position, a flood of elbows descends before Zingano snaps and reaches back to the top. Holloway tried to regain his legs one last time, but Zingano pulled him back down, took him back and landed a strip of strike until the final toll of the bell.

Zingano decided with a 30–26 scorecard and a pair of 29–27.

Ed Ruth returned to the middleweight division for the first time in nearly three years due to excessive avoidance, but Taylor Johnson did not warmly welcome him by presenting Ruth via leg lock within a minute.

The main card opener between Raymond Daniels and Peter Stanonik ended in the second No Contest of the night due to unintentional fighting. The Daniels landed consecutive kicks under the belt, leaving Stenonic traumatized as referee Jason Herzog waved the fight.

Check the complete Bellator 245 results below:

Main card

Defeated Phil Davis. Lyoto Machida through split decision (28–29, 29–28 x2)

Defeated Cat Xingano. Gabrielle Holloway (29-27, 30-26 x2) via unanimous decision

Defeated Taylor Johnson. Ed Ruth Submission (Heel Hook) (R1, 0:59)

Raymond Daniels vs. Peter Stenonic ruled out a no-contest (two unintentionally hitting shots) (R2, 1:00)

Opening card

Defeated Alex Polizzi. Rafael Carvalho via unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

Leslie Smith defeated Amanda Bell via unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

Tyrell Fortune vs. Jack May declare no-contest (accidental knee to waist) (R1, 2:42)

Keith Lee Defeat. Vinicius zani through unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)

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