Belter 243 Results: Live Streaming Play-by-Play Update | ‘Chandler vs Henderson 2’

Bellator 243: “Chandler vs. Henderson 2” is set to air tonight (Fri. Aug. 7, 2020) from the Mohegan Sun Arena in Unsville, Connecticut. Who has been in the rematch long Anticipated, Michael Chandler (20-5) and Benson Henderson (28-8) will look to settle a battle that began in 2016 with a split decision title defense. This time they would have to take three goals as there was no title on the line. Switch it on.

The main card of Bellatore 243 will start at 10 pm ET at Paramount and DAZN (See it here) In undercard bouts with “prelims” Via youtube 7:15 pm ET. Belter will deliver the results for the full card and extensive play-by-play for the televised portion of the 243 card.

Many readers check before, during, and after the action to share their thoughts. Feel free to leave a comment (or 243) about the bouts and chat with all the other fans during the show – it’s always a lot of fun!

Vendor 243 Quick Results:

Michael Chandler vs. Benson Henderson –
Matt Mitterion vs Timothy Johnson – On.
Myles Jury vs. Georgie KarkanianJury SD 27-30, 30-27, 29-28.
Curtis Millender vs Saba HomasiHomasi UD 29-28 x 3.
Adam Borix vs Mike HamelBorix SD 29-28 x 2, 28-29.
AJ Ezagaram vs Kris LenconiLenkioni UD 30-26, 30-27, 29-28.
Nannaua Dung vs Charlie CampbellCampbell TKO 1:42 R2.
Dalton Rosta vs Mark GardnerRosta TKO (Doctor) 5:00 R1.
Grant Neil vs Hamza SalimNeil UD 30-26, 30-27, 30-24.
Valerie Lureida vs Tara GraffLourda KO 5:00 R2.

Seller 243 PLAY-BY-PLAY:

Michael Chandler vs Benson Henderson

round 1:

Second Round:

Round 3:

Final result:

Matt Mitraoni Vs Timothy johnson

Mitrione is 13-7 and Johnson 13-6. Johnson wears white tights and blue gloves for this fight.

round 1:

Second Round:

Round 3:

Final result:

Myles jury Vs Georgie Branches

Karakhanayan wears silver tights and blue gloves with a pro record of 29-10-1, 1 NC. The jury has black tights and red gloves, 18-5 overall. Karakhanan fights Riverside, California. The jury fights San Diego, California. Our referee in charge is Mike Beltran.

Round 1: Glove tap to begin. Both men quickly feel the boundary. Karkhan pushed the kick leading the jury’s lead left. The jury responds with a body kick and a right cross. Karkhanan shows Homasi in his desire to land an overhand right. The jury connects with a left jab and a right hook. The girdles move for the leg kick and react in a jury manner. It’s been two minutes. Karkhanian shoots and puts the jury in front of the cage. He fires at his knees as the jury widens his stance. At 3:13 they clear. Karkhanian threw the overhand right and shot again. The jury turns him around for some shoulder bushes. The jury has uncovered a bundle of blood on Karkhanian’s face. They break jury clinics to break the knee. Karkhanan with overhand right and an uppercase. He has a jury against Bell. 10-9 curls.

Round 2: Karkhanian is providing further pressure and continues to find a home for the overhand right. The jury again replied that the left jab and Tip hit the body. Karkhanian gets the jury against the fence but he breaks at 2:18 and kicks another teepe. Karkhanan with overhand right and leg kick. Jury from left pocket. Karkhanan with a body kick. Jury with body knee and more deep kick. Karkhanian gets almost a single leg, but instead the jury finishes Scramble. A takedown is found at the bowls 3:18. The jury returns after seven seconds. The bristles remain around the waist from the back. The jury reversed the situation at 3:40. Small right hand and elbow from the jury against the cage. Karkhanian spins him back around and drops the level. He retreats and lets go of his hands before taking another takedown at 4:25, even the jury grabbing the fans. The jury returns and Georgie is looking for another takedown around the waist. 10-9 curls.

Round 3: It has one round appi in the commentary. Perhaps the second round could be argued for shots that landed in quarters close to the jury. Karakhanyan is staring at Reiff in search of a halt, presumably for an eye attack, but he hasn’t seen it and isn’t giving it to him. The jury pressed the bristles into the fence. He reverses and drops the level at 1:40. The jury spread its legs too wide to spread it, and the gleams still reached at 1:59, although the jury got up well. Suddenly there seems to be a fight with the two men once, and both are standing and drinking bullets at each other, then the grates grab the guard for a guillotine choke and cannot complete it. , Equaling the jury with 2:09 left. The girdle goes for a triangle and the jury sees it coming. The jury goes to the bench. He’s got a hook, but winds back in full guard instead of looking back. Connecting elbows. Right hand of the body. The jury is extracting water from the gas tank. Karakhanayan returns at 4:47 pm. 10–9 jury. Did he win one of the other rounds?

Final result: 30-27 decision, split by 30-27 jury and 29-28 jury.

Curtis Millender Vs Saba Homsey

Tonight’s fight is contracted at 175 pounds. White tights and blue gloves for Millender, 18-5. Red tights and red gloves for Homsey, 13-8. Milander fights Fullerton by way of San Bernardino, California. Hokasi fights out of Coconut Creek, Florida. Our referee in charge of the fight is Dan Miragliotta.

Round 1: No Glove Touch to open the bout. Homasi actually escaped and Milander encountered him before Miller could officially meet. Homasi is trying to link the right hand with a single shot. Millender circled him outward. 90 seconds gone. Homasi finally gets the top right at 1:45. Both people trade leg kicks. Homasi fires to the left and misses the spinning shot. Millender intercepts a high kick. Homasi shoots and gets two full defenders with two minutes left. Milander has Homsey’s right hand implicated and is attacking Homsey with his heel. Homasi finally frees the left hand for 20 seconds, but Milander grabs the head and holds it by the chest. 10–9 Homasi.

Round 2: Homasi lands the right hand in 22 seconds. He throws a left high kick twice. They trade power shots and push Homasi Milander into the fence. Homsey looks for a foot trip as Milander pushed back. They go into the cage again and Homasi’s level falls, getting a takedown at 1:18. All Millender can do and will try to avoid major damage. Homasi keeps trying to peel him away and escapes by half-guard. Millender tried to push Homasi off his feet to no avail. Millender takes him back to full guard at 3:20. Homasi takes over to withdraw at 3:42. Millender gets to the top looking for the Counters and the D’Ars, but Homasi rolls free and gets another takedown at 4:35. 10–9 Homasi.

Round 3: Milander drives Homsey to the fence, but Homsey frees in 44 seconds. Milander touches him with his left pocket. Homasi rolls a large overhand right. Milander gives chase and punishes him with jabs. He lands the right hand and Homsey takes him down but Millender goes for the guillotine. However he cannot hang onto it and Homasi takes him to the mat, once again at half guard. 2:30 left. Strike on the shoulder by Homasi. At 2:35 Milander’s muscles shut him down. He comes forward to throw the jab and uppercase at Homasi. Homsey fielded Milander at 3:13. Millender tried to silence Hosie and he backed down. Both hooks at 3:59. Homasi goes for an armbar with the remaining 22 seconds left and allows Milander to go over the top, but he can’t do enough damage to get the stoppage. 10–9 millender.

End result: Saba Homasi 29–28 X3 unanimously decided.