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WHO announces that measles cases tripled in 2019


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A measles epidemic in 2019, particularly in countries where vaccination coverage against this condition is low, such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Madagascar and Ukraine, explains the tripling of figures in the world compared to last year, according to the World Health Organization.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced further notification of measles cases since the beginning of the year, compared to last year. According to their figures, the disease hit 364,808 people in 2019, three times more than the 129,239 cases registered in 2018.

Among the countries most affected by the disease, WHO lists the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Madagascar and Ukraine. In addition, other countries where the number of registered cases is considered high are Angola, Cameroon, Chad, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, the Philippines, South Sudan, Sudan and Thailand. These lands most severely affected by the disease are among the areas where measles vaccination coverage is low.

With respect to the European area, WHO states that the number of cases reported in 2019, almost 90,000, has only slightly exceeded those of the previous year.

However, this year has the highest figures since 2006, according to a WHO spokesman, Christian Lindmeier, who made it clear during a press conference in Geneva.

Measles Vaccination

Measles is easily transmitted and can be fatal. The disease is extremely contagious and can cause serious complications, such as blindness or cerebral edema. It also increases the risk of pneumonia and intestinal diseases that lead to the death of the patient. Currently, there is no cure for this disease, but it can be prevented by vaccination.

WHO recommends that you get vaccinated at least 15 days before traveling to a country where measles circulates.

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