"What did we still do with God?": We played laughter, but much less


The following What did we do with God? just pull us on a road.

"Dad, it would be funny, we would smile …" Announcing this response What have we done with God? , Frédérique Bel says unfortunately, what is really bad in comedy Philippe de Chauveron: the ability to make us laugh. Anyway, as well as the very successful original version of the office of her. box.

It is also difficult to be better than the first part to success. The leader and actors were in attendance (they were not even good in the media) but it is clear that there was not enough. Result: 30th January, date of release What we have done with God again ?, we will have a comedy that reminds many of the former. With the difference, Father Verneuil does not do everything here, to get rid of his son-in-law but, on the other hand, Develop strategies to stay in France, a country that is so close to heart. But the lack of a ring is served and prevent us from going to & # 39; respect the good vows.

And despite that, the big pieces are not, this is not what is needed in this movie; take pride in your stereotypes. Those last ones, are still the only ones. We will meet again with the & # 39; kung fu conn fu Chinese or Jewish involved in money. Look and review in the first chapter.

However, this film, a fine hymn to France, however, is worth to be & # 39; laughter to adhere to climate statues and community themes; worries such as marriage as one-sex, for example. By consolidating well with a second degree always, obviously.

A strong point What have we done with God? is, of course, a good choice. If Claudia Tagbo, a new member of the saga, influences Nicole's career, the girlfriend and daughter of André Koffi in the future, we can not help but believe that in very good games Christian Keyboard and Chantal Lauby, the comedy would not have the same food.


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