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US court blocks publication designs for 3D printable weapons – World

Nine states and the metropolitan district of Washington D.C. had filed a lawsuit against the federal government after it had reached a settlement with the weapon activist Cody Wilson and his organization Defense Distributed. This would allow Wilson to publish blueprints for 3D printing of a firearm.

The activist had announced that he would put the plans on the internet Wednesday, but on Tuesday the design and instructions for creating the 'Liberator' model had already been published online. More than five thousand people have downloaded the data.

The judge in Seattle wrote that publishing the files might be unconstitutional, and that allowing them to do so could result in "irreparable damage" if the issue is not first reviewed legally.

Particularly among Democrats was in the last few days to hear a lot of criticism of the intended publication of the blueprints. Opponents fear above all that the 3D-printed weapons, which can not be detected by a metal detector, end up in the hands of criminals. Unlike 'normal' weapons, 3D-printed weapons are also not traceable with a serial number.

After his own government gave the green light for the publication of the blueprints, the American president Donald Trump twittered Tuesday morning that he 'looks at' the case. He said he would be in contact with the National Rifle Association, the main weapon lobby group in the United States.

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