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Uncertainty in the media is about the dangers of GMO for health, uncertain information is not the case; Better as the humans grow like the environment is getting worse and worse; influencing global warming. Members of the scientific community are moving more and more to bring the truth back and finally has a positive newsletter; giving them the floor: Food Evolution

"Our main problems are not the result of our moral disasters, but we are often opposed to moral commitment, disturbed to improve the world in which we live.

Our wars are fundamental faith wars; they are the wars between theories of their competitions about a & # 39; build a better world.

And our moral commitment is often deceived, because we do not understand that our moral principles, which are certainly too simple, are often difficult to apply to the difficult situations human and political as we do; Feeling that they are being applied. "

So Karl Popper's famous philosophy was in his book's text conjectures and brushes in the early 1960s. Popper was marked by disasters in the first half of the XXS century, especially those made by integrative ideologies, and it is related to these events that this text needs to be understood. But Popper is a philosophy of science, a heir to his heritage lights, the text spirit can also apply when we protect reasons, where it is a question of embracing the fragile challenges that humanity needs to bring in this XXIS century (the environment with the global warming, anenergy, health and food), and that we provide information on Science, use of rationality and do not think about ourselves the Dunning-Kruger effect.

Mark Lynas, science and GMO

One of them gets a good picture by Mark Lynas's example. British journalist and environmental activist, who graduated in history and political science from the University of Edinburgh, published a number of articles published in a very impressive newspaper The Defender. Skip to content GMO to become part of the people who had their cultures in the 1990s, it made a remarkable picture with world public in 2013 during the yearOxford Farm Conference, an annual conference for British farmers taking place in Oxford, UK, in which, first week of January.

Mark Lynas lost friends for that day because he said he realized that everything he believed was about the dangers he had; at GMO and the misleading use by a large business based largely on ideology and mistakes, without any scientific base. Worst, the actions he did for helping humanity help to reduce the seeds of future accidents. Its January 2013 conference is open to people (s Vimeo and Youtube), he also has a long translation in several languages ​​and is preparing. Here is a section:

" There were women and nobles,
I want to start with an excuse. Officially and publicly, here and out of the bat, I'm disturbed for years; disappeared in a crop that differs current crops (GM). I'm sorry too to help start move anti-GMO in the mid-1990s, so it has been to create an important technological option that could be used to benefit the environment. As an ecologist, and someone who believes that everyone here in the world deserves a healthy and nutritious diet of their choice, I can have been on a more uncertain route. I'm sorry that it is now completely.

So I think you can wonder what happened between 1995 and now not only did I do it; change my mind, but come in here and admit? Well, the answer is very simple: I find science, and in doing so, I hope that I will be a better expert.

When I heard about it soybean Monsanto GM, I knew what I was thinking about. There was a great American company with bad name, adding something new and experimental in our food without telling us. Miscellaneous race between -gid as unnatural as possible – b & # 39; What was humanity was too much of the power of technology, something was something; going wrong. These genera would extend as a type of live pollution. It was the stuff that was; of blackstones.

This fears were spread as a wild problem, and in a few years, the GMO in Europe has almost been blocked, and our concerns have been removed from NGOs such as Greenpeace and Friends of Europe. land to Africa, India and its rest of Asia, where GMOs are still banned today. This is the most successful campaign I've ever been involved.

A move especially in the face of science; too. We have used many images of scientists in their throwing campaigns with building blocks. So, the Frankenstein food label – they were very scared about the scientific power that was used secretly for unnatural purposes. What we did not understand at the time that Frank Frankenstein's realism was not GMO technology, but on the face to face "(to read the rest of the text Mark Lynas, he is here).

It would be necessary to get rid of truth so that Mark Lynas was sold to the GMO's lobbies but that does not; means that his eyes and the heights he is now defended and that he did not end up being completely dejected.

French photographer Food Evolution. © 2018, All rights reserved. 2iFilms, Black Valley Films, Food Evolution LLC.

Its scientific community will support OGG

Only Mark Lynas is very far from being alone in defending these criteria and, in fact, his & her; most of the scientific community and the global evaluation agencies that have looked at GMO. On the way, in June 2016, more than 100 Nobel Prize to hit the & # 39; board in an open letter that opposes GMO, and # 39; mentions some of the arguments that Mark Lynas already made. Again, it is difficult to see how more than 100 Nobel can be bought by lobbies or have lost their heads (we know, in fact, some remote issues, victims of the "Nobel disease" famous).

We are not surprised to find Mark Lynas among the interviewees as part of an episode program that will be released in France on 20 February, 2019, and encourages 2iFilms Distribution. name Food Evolution, we are trying an American leader named Oscar, Scott Hamilton Kennedy. It was released in the United States in November 2016 and the scientist has been given over the torch Carl Sagan for science education of the general public, Niall de Grasse Tyson. It opposes grain than what it is; Most people think they know about their health risks; at GMO in terms of spending.

Indeed, disputes about OGs are quite different. It must be kept in memory Food Evolution to focus specifically on its & # 39; The impact of GMO on health and place that they can do in a & # 39; feeding and maintaining numbers in developing countries in Africa or Asia second, long & The global warming is getting worse.

The debate on the use of GMOs, for example biodiversity, pouring soil, etc. and in particular with large petent businesses, which may have a person with organisms that are unchanged in the current, are undoubtedly important. But it's still in the backdrop of the documentary that has been involved in understanding how to think about part of the file with GMO.

However, Scott Hamilton and his team have done a good job in meeting not only scientists but also anti-GMO activists and, indeed, those who do not need to lost, the farmers who use them. or not, and all over the world.

Food Evolution very important and this fact has also been recognized by theFrench Agricultural Academy Only by the French Society for Scientific Information, Afis, which is sponsored by Areopagus of Scientists famous. As a proof, they helped, with the Sapiens Institute, hold a debate on it Food Evolution in a preview of AgroParisTech, end of November 2018. Scott Hamilton Kennedy had made the trip to France at this time and was ready to give questions to the people who were present in the amphitheater .

The first part of an interview with Scott Hamilton Kennedy was a " promises to leave his French press release. © 2018, All rights reserved. 2iFilms, Black Valley Movies, Food Evolution LLC

There was a lot of say about the movie, its content, its motivation, its funding, the controversies it gave (for example by Marion Nestle) but it's probably the best thing you're thinking about yourself by & # 39; Go to see first and then, to expand your thinking by consulting a very complete news resource that we can find on the site that the French distributor, 2iFilms, dedicated to the documentary by Scott Hamilton Kennedy and who already responds to many of the questions he may have (one can, for example, find short descriptions of a number of respondents, pro non anti-GMO). The director also interviews 7 parts, 7 questions for one item to distribute Food Evolution and get it Vimeo.

So, are you ready to take the "red pill"?

What is remembered

  • To make the summary again a word word Food EvolutionIt can be said, for twenty years, that GMOs (current organisms) for food that is very controversial.
  • In the middle of a public debate marked by passion, suspicion and trouble, Oscar's named director, Scott Hamilton Kennedy, is investigating this social challenge and doing it; Demonstration of GMOs on our plates.
  • Recited by one of our best-known scientists, Niall de Grasse Tyson, this film brings us to the heart of controversy of genetically modified results, food challenges on African continents and glyphosate passive crops.
  • Finding anti-GMO activists, experts, farmers and scientists from around the world, Food Evolution Show us how easy and easy to know and fear; to verify the truth.

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