"Synthetach? I prefer a normal course but it laughs"

Yohan Boli, a weekend champion in Pro League, who was a guest on La Tribune on Monday. In the race for players 1, there is undoubtedly a synthetic as Saint Trond's asset.

"This is obvious to anyone", recites Yohan Boli."It is certain that playing on ordinary ground & # 39; better than synthetics. But he's delighted over this year. We lost only once in the league (against Genk). We will keep it as far as possible to win games. Would we have a fifth with a grass range? I do not know. We try to create a beautiful game, so I think we would be the fifth page".

Despite leaving Roman Bezus and Casper De Norre In January, the STVV keeps the effort from the time of the revival. And he had to play the shape of his suicide. After the season starts (4 goals in 21 games), Boil flames in the past weeks (8 visits in 6 games).

In front of Charleroi, the Ivorian conflict was successful three times. "This is the first time in my job that I am. registering three professionals. It was a good evening; for me and for her club. I have a lot of success. My associates also send me good mills and I have to finish it"."I still have … to improve everything", he agrees, and includes his playback back to a visit Marc Wilmots, which he named in the national team in Côte d'Ivoire.

In order to reach the Elephants the long way, Bolly sailed in Verviers where he had no previous contract Yannick Ferrera Come and get it. "He brought me back to the splendid and I thank him".

Peathar Basil Boli, the son of an old man who was struggling for Lens, Yohan is a coming from a football family. It was inspired by his father but also the idol Didier Drogba. "I have never had any connections but I have watched his videos to take an example".

There are three games from the end, the Canaries in a strong position in the scenes. They would get the second certificate for the 1 players in the history of their club … but the schedule is very strong (Brugge FC, Mouscron and Ghent). "We do not count. We do not have any pressure. We never had our weight. We will play Bruges on Saturday to try to take points".

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