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New video dummies iPhone X Plus and 6.1 inch iPhone 2018 leaked

Dummies have leaked again from the iPhone X Plus and iPhone 2018. This time, TigerMobiles posted two videos, giving a look at what we can expect from the X Plus and the 6.1 inch-model.

Dummies dive more often

We are getting closer to the moment Apple announces three new iPhones in September. As a result, more and more dummies, so-called counterfeiters, are appearing. Benjamin Geskin and SlashLeaks previously published pictures of dummies. These are probably from a source involved in the production of the smartphones, based on leaked schematic drawings.

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The published videos confirm the design that can also be seen on the photos. The first iPhone with a triple camera will not be back until 2019 at the earliest. The budget model, the iPhone 2018, also has only one camera lens on this dummy and the Plus version of the iPhone X has two. The screen edges of the iPhone 2018 are also slightly larger, due to the difference between OLED and LCD. This reduces the price of the 6.1 inch model further down.

Watch the dummy videos

It is striking that in both 'dummy leaks' only the iPhone 2018 and X Plus are shown. Also in an older dummy video there is no example of the iPhone X 2018, the direct successor of the current iPhone X.

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