Instagram: Finally Booba talks about his new Kaaris contract!

On his Instagram account, Booba shared the video in your hand… he finally published the terms of his contract with Kaaris!

On Wednesday, 27 March, Booba launched an account of his Instagram account which we see the CHS director talking about fighting the two rappers.

Booba publish the contract

A CHS director said he had gathered all his sponsors. It praises a two million euro offer. The winner will get 1.5 million euros and the one she loses will be half a million. The man has finished the following words: "We will contract to you and visit Geneva for the fight".

As titles on his book Instagram, wrote Booba as well: "The final motion SHC 13: Booba VS Kaaris. @ Kaarisofficiel1 This is the time of pressing. This video gives us a clear answer. You made the most accurate decisions … The fight! octogone # september2019 # 1M5 @shc_mma @yasscarterofficiel ». He also made more than 460,000 views in just three hours.


On Wednesday, 27 March, Kaaris cut a picture of his Instagram account where he appeared in a hulk. In fact, his head appeared on a medium and greenish one. And this photograph is a new attack on his enemy Booba.

In fact, both of them are trying to reach an agreement on the fight. But he will not be victorious. While some conditions are good, the other does better for what they want. Many have lost hope in this fight.

As a gift of his Instagram picture, Kaaris wrote, "It is going to beat. Put the panel that you put out of baking full of dirty dirty @boobaofficial under hormone. I can" kill. He also collected more than 144,000 "people" in just six hours from his supporters.