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Injured Marco D'Ignazio: "Six to eight months of revalide …

 Injured Marco D'Ignazio: "Rehabilitating six to eight months? I aim for five "

Marco D'Ignazio.

Photo: MIST

Six to eight months. For so long, Marco D'Ignazio, one of the trendsetters on the provincial football fields, will be out of action by torn off cruciate ligaments. This harsh verdict was heard by the Genkenaar (35) yesterday after a seemingly innocent looking operation to measure the damage of his meniscus. One thing is however certain. "However long and heavy the rehabilitation will be, I will not stop playing football," says D'Ignazio determinedly, who swapped in Melo Zonhoven for MD Halen (2B) in mid-season.

As is often the case, the accident was in a small corner. Also for D'Ignazio.

"When the season is over, I make sure that I can recuperate so that I do not suffer any injuries. I never take part in grass or mini football tournament in the mid-season. That one time I let myself be persuaded, to not be the guest who always says no. On a country tournament in Genk – I came for Italy, what did you think (laughs) – I got a rash of a young Turk on my knee. I could not go on and I knew immediately that it was serious. With the exception of a fibula fracture, I never experienced a serious injury. This is my very first knee injury ", says educator D'Ignazio who knew a football past at Geel, Dessel, Thes and Hades. "An MRI scan showed that I had suffered a rupture in my meniscus. That was not so bad, but the doctors were a bit suspicious because they could not figure out how serious my knee was damaged and whether other ligaments or ligaments were hit. Judging by my own feeling and tolerable pain, I had great confidence in a good outcome. I came out deceived. It was a heavy blow when the doctor told me that the cruciate ligament was attached to my knee with only one millimeter. They immediately replaced my cruciate ligaments and predict a rehabilitation of six to eight months. I am aiming for five months myself. This week I'm going to the kin to start the recovery. By the way, I was always quicker than repressed from minor muscle injuries. "

" Stop? I may not have joined my age, but I will and will rehabilitate to be back on the fields, "says D'Ignazio, who has been honored twice as a laureate of" Player of the Year "in the past seasons and once finished second.

"A unique, but unfortunately I will not be able to provide a four in a row."


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