Influenza will continue: a pandemic, a total of 11,200 cases have been recorded

A flu pandemic is continuing. According to the latest edition of the Health Audit Office on 21 March 2019, the number of consultations is leading to an increase in flu-like illnesses with 11,200 registered cases.

Health experts had reduced the reduction in signals at the start of March, but they did not continue. This is caused by school holidays and the closure of many medical practices.

Since the onset of the disease, 11,200 people have consulted a general doctor for diseases like flu. The biggest virus in the hospital and at home is type A. Eight hospital cases in hospital were recorded and one died.

Ongoing work

Last week (March 11-17) around 1,530 people visited a GP. The move is the same for SOS doctors with 142 goals. As for pediatric emergencies for illnesses such as influenza, no hospital was recorded. According to Martinique University Hospitality laboratory, from 11 March to 17, the degree of analysis was 51% for the examples examined.

Patient who died

For some very important issues, introduced into intensive care and intensive care, scrutiny is continuing. Of those eight patients, one died. The average age of 65 years is age. Most of them have risk factors (75%). A type of virus A has been identified in all cases including one type A (H1N1) pdm09.

Since the onset of the disease, only one disruption of acute inflammation diseases (ARI) has been reported in EHPAD (Older Persons Accommodation Facility) and has been sent to flu (virus A).

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