Google Wifi: New model to be prepared

GoogleGoogle seems to be ready for the range of products dedicated to updating networks and mogal technology. The information and images of the US FCC group suggest that a new Google Wifi is even more powerful and technological than its. first version of modular router. The model recorded in the A4R-1701AA1 code-code FCC process and supports different network standards from 802.11a / b / g / n / ac and Wi-Fi networks Bluetooth LE. A real picture showed that there was an ARM team and two antenna needed to support the double band.

Information is not yet available on a date that may be launched, although a fact that appears to come back is not long ago. On the other hand, the time would be very reasonable: the first Google Wifi came on an American market two years ago, even though we were in Europe, we were only seen in mid-year -You will, then there is no better time for hard-to-date updating.

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