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Google hacks Windows and MacOS defects (video)

Granted, we had to chuckle.

Google has been on the market for several years with its own Chromebook. The device with Chrome OS is a browser based system with relatively inexpensive hardware, especially intended for the casual user. At least, that is the general consensus. Google is trying to break with this idea, partly due to an aggressive marketing strategy.

In addition to better Chromebooks on the market, there is of course also a nice advertisement. In the commercial below, we see that Google is taking the formidable competitors of Microsoft and Apple seriously underway. In the 1 minute video we see painfully often recognizable error messages, virus threats, software crashes and general lay back.

After a while joke, Google shows that it can be different, all thanks to Chrome OS of course. Google seems to want to emphasize that its own OS is not so limited at all. For example, we see that Android apps can be run, photos can be adjusted, the display lends itself perfectly to drawings and much more.

In the end, it also tries to tempt gamers to take a look at Chromebooks, as there are PUBG Mobile is supported. Despite the fact that Windows and MacOS really have some advantages such as desktop apps and more complex games, Google is doing everything to close this gap.

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