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Google gets a game expert again

Google has confirmed that it has again won a top-ranking employee from a major game party. This time it is someone from Sony who exchanges his current job for a future at Google.

Project Yeti

Google has confirmed the message that it has again removed a very talented game expert at a large game market party. It would be Richard Marks (not this) who has worked at Sony for 19 years. He worked there at the Playstation department and developed many techniques for, among others, PlayStation VR. Although Google confirmed the arrival of Marks they do not tell what he is going to do. It can be guessed that he will be working with Project Yeti just like previously assumed game experts.

With Project Yeti, Google will take its first steps in the game industry. One will probably combine the enormous capacity in the cloud with cheap hardware. The rumors are going to work with the Chromecast or a gaming console based on the Chromecast. The idea is that the games will be streamed from the Cloud so that the hardware can stay cheap. This is also in line with the fact that Google wants to become a major hardware partner. To this end, it holds the Made by Google meeting every year in October, where the Google Pixel and Pixelbook are announced. You will probably be able to subscribe to the Yeti network where you can play all available games for free. Think of it as a Netflix for games.

Recent rumors also tell that Google is talking behind the scenes with different developers. These talks would be about developing games for the Yeti platform or porting existing titles to the Yeti platform. Google would even consider taking over a complete game studio to accelerate the development of new games.


Google has not released anything about this project, even during the Google I / O in May. The next occasion where we might hear something is Made By Google that will probably be held in October. If I may say so, I assume that it will be announced at the earliest during the Google I / O 2019 for the developers, after which the platform will go live for the users later that year.

Source: 9to5Google

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