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Food agency facilitates measures against ne … disease (Brussels)

The federal food agency (FASFC) eases a number of measures against Newcastle disease from 1 August. Professional poultry farmers may then, under certain conditions, re-enter markets and sell to hobby holders.

After several outbreaks of the disease by hobby holders, a ban on thirty days was set on July 2 for the collection of poultry and hobby poultry, with the exception of racing pigeons, and the sale of these animals to hobbyists.

From 1 August, professional poultry traders may once again take part in commercial poultry and hobby poultry collections, including markets, and sell to hobby holders.

It is forbidden for poultry traders and hobby keepers to organize non-commercial collections of poultry and hobby poultry and to trade hobby poultry or

The Newcastle disease virus is highly contagious and can infect all species of poultry and birds. In case of infection with a very aggressive strain, nerve symptoms (including a stiff neck) and a massive mortality occur. The human being is not susceptible to the disease and eating meat or eggs does not pose any danger. [191900]

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