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'Children need green' – De Standaard

From our employee

Hasselt In 'The forest of Wolf', just under five are, there are some trees, climbing plants, high ferns and nettles. In the corner is a stone cottage. "I do not have the key, so I do not know what it says. We will soon discover that, "Wijnants laughs.

'I bought this piece of land from a Hasselt family that had not been there for 25 years. Formerly this piece of green served as an outdoor residence for the wealthier citizens who lived on an apartment in Hasselt. There is even an overgrown swing. Soon I will here with some friends and sympathizers the dead trees, ferns and nettle pruning, so we have our own piece of green in the backyard. There will also be a gate and I will make The Wolf Forest accessible to all the children in the street. "

The forest cost him about the same as the purchase price of his house twenty years ago. "I have taken out a new loan for it and I have to pay cadastral tax every year at the garden house, but that's what I have to pay for."

'This is a forest to play in and to build in camps. It is not a place to undertake. And it will never be. "

Building rage

The zone behind Wijnants' house has been colored in as a green zone. It is therefore not allowed to be built. "But I was not comfortable with that building rage in this city. Something like that can still be building ground in the long run. So it seemed easier to me to secure the green by buying it. I do not do this because I am against Hasselt, but just because I love this city so much. "

'For me this is also a statement. Many people are worried about the lack of green. And if there is green, it is behind thick private walls such as the garden of the governor's residence. When I put my initiative on Facebook, I immediately got questions from people who also want to buy a piece of green in the city center to secure it. If Hasselt can still be saved from the building rage, it will have to be done by the citizens. My neighbors are in any case happy. Is not it better to look green than on concrete? "

Great concern

'This city simply has far too few green spaces where young people can hang around without hesitation. Too many things are thrown out without thinking thoroughly. Now take the old town hall. Why do not you create a green zone in the middle of the city? I am not the only one who thinks so. There is great concern in this city. I notice the reactions that I get. "

'I have nothing against building contractors or even against high-rise buildings, but it would be logical that every high-rise project also thinks of the green space in the city. Otherwise, young families all leave. Children need green. "

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