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Catherine Fonck: "I will not be a candidate but …"


The news has fallen: no, Catherine Fonck will not run for the presidency of the CDH.

Deputy Catherine Fonck, once cited as a potential candidate for the presidency of the HRC, will not be, said Sunday in an open letter. She does not want her candidacy to be interpreted as a desire to divide the humanist party, whose president, Benoît Lutgen, announced his resignation on Tuesday. She wants to bring a project to give a new breath to society. It also advocates that its political formation be part of a logic of participatory democracy.

Catherine Fonck justifies her election with the approach of the legislative elections "crucial for the future of our country" on May 26 and the little time left to go into operation. "Maxime Prévot has the support of Benoît Lutgen to be his successor, he has great qualities, my goal was not to be a candidate against him, but to carry out a project, which would make me feel bad that my candidacy could be interpreted as a will. divide the party, "he wrote in this open letter sent to the Belgian agency.

The leader of the CDH group in the Chamber wants to continue expressing their ideas, expressing them and giving them weight, continues. However, the presidential election in a party is "the best time to discuss these ideas, make them evolve and strengthen internal democracy," he admits.

"What matters to me is the project and it is not because I am not a candidate for the presidency that I am losing interest in the project, I want to contribute to it in terms of its political project." That the operation of the party, "says Catherine Fonck.

Global warming, digital revolution, …

In his eyes, the humanist formation must affirm more firmly his identity, which the agent summarizes by "Best of JE thanks to the United States". "The human being (the" me ") flourishes qualitatively (& # 39; better & # 39;) thanks to the fact that it becomes a & # 39; we & # 39; going into a relationship, what which is true at an individual level, but also at an individual level, a collective where you also have to look for a win-win situation ".

A reasoning that is valid in the corporate world, but also in the face of efforts to address the climate challenge in a society in which the parliamentarian wants to be more inclusive and with a higher employment rate.

For the humanist parliamentarian, the CDH project is expected to contribute to the "fundamental" question of the role and functioning of politics and, therefore, of democracy in the face of four "main" challenges: global warming, the digital revolution, The inequalities and the lengthening of life.

It requires a profound change in practices and political functioning, he writes again. This requires "rejecting demagogy", "leaving small political games, stopping wars between levels of power that delay or even paralyze the action, dare to take positions that involve not only the short term but also the medium and long term. it goes beyond the next election. "

"Be efficient and honest"

"By being efficient and honest, political will will regain the trust of citizens," says Ms. Fonck.

Internally, the HRC must inscribe the party in a logic of participatory democracy, it is still considered the head of the group, so the sympathizers should be more associated with decision making for the internal administration of the party, but also for the definition of her project. and their positions.

Therefore, it is necessary to "strengthen the place of the members in the organs of the party and, in particular, within the political office". You could also imagine organizing panels of elected members and / or volunteers to discuss and advance our project on various topics, but also interact with them thanks to the new technological tools, permanently and not only at the time of the elections ".

"Humanity is at a turning point, the HRC also, more than ever, I am convinced of the relevance of its humanist project to face the challenges we face, our society needs a new breath." It is essential for me, "concludes Catherine Fonck.

Nominations for the presidency of the HRC can be postponed until midnight on Sunday.

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