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Android app from YouTube adds dark theme

Various apps give you the possibility to set a dark theme in addition to a light theme. Handy when you're in bed for example, and do not want to have a bucket lightly fired at your eyes. Now the YouTube app has a dark theme.

Dark theme in YouTube app

The YouTube app has been updated with a new update. The application now gives you the opportunity to use a dark theme. Until today, you had nothing to say about the theme. The dark mode makes it quieter from the bed, for example, but you might also be a dark theme lover.

 YouTube dark theme

YouTube used to release the dark mode for the iOS app on the iPhone for example, but on Android this was not yet possible. The rollout has started, but it may take some time before the function is available to everyone. The option is available in the YouTube app at settings> general.

In this case, the dark theme is activated directly by users. You will also see a message at the bottom of the screen to immediately switch off the dark theme.


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