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An aerial presentation at 1408m in Austria – THM Magazine

The Porsche 911 can also fly.

Featured in " World Premiere At the last Los Angeles Auto Show in November, the new Porsche 911 (The eighth of his lineage) was recently presented in Europe, in Areit Alm, Austria. An aerial presentation, since this took place at more than 1400 meters of altitude.

For the problem, Porsche has launched very large media, with a new Porsche 911 that was deposited on the terrace after being transported by a helicopter. A high profile presentation, attended by Wolfgang Porsche, but also Walter Rörhl, Mark Webber or Timo Bernhard and Richard Lietz.

Porsche 911 2019

Snow and Porsche, a long story.

Remember that this is not the first time that Porsche uses a snowy mountain to promote its 911 range. Last year, Porsche introduced a new "Fun Zone" near Val d & # 39; Isère, including a golf course. The special offer offers a unique downhill experience and an all-terrain obstacle course in the snow, with the capabilities of the Porsche models.

Porsche 911 2019

Last year, again, the German manufacturer decided to test its 911 Turbo S on … a ski slope. To make matters worse, the German athlete had not had to go down the snowy track, but climb it! For Porsche, it was obviously a way to highlight the grip, stability and efficiency of their models " all-wheel drive"

Porsche 911 2019

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