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8 things you need to know about sunscreen

Up to the point you get the advice to apply yourself well. Yet there are still many things unknown about sunscreen and the effect of sun on your skin. Therefore, for the sake of completeness, eight more facts:

1. Sunscreen does not protect against all sunrays
The cream only helps against so-called UVB rays. These are the rays through which your skin burns. UVa rays, which make your skin age, are less well restrained by most sunscreens.

2. Even if it is cloudy, your skin will suffer damage
It is therefore important to spread on cloudy rainy days as well.

3. You can burn through the window
If you sit in the car all day, while the sun is shining, you have to rub yourself well. Half of all radiation passes through the glass.

4. You have to rub yourself every two hours
It also takes half an hour before the protective substance starts to work.

5. You do not get browner if you use a lower spf
Those who lubricate with a lower factor only burn faster. How brown you become depends on your skin type, not on the sunscreen.

6. In the water you burn faster
Sun rays easily go through water. Moreover, the rays reflect, so that you catch extra sun in your face. Finally, a lot of sunscreen rinses away in the water.

7. Sunbathing under the sunbed is even worse
This is because a sunbed only emits UVa rays and these are the most damaging. In addition, your skin does not build up a protective layer under the sunbed, which happens in the real sun.

8. Sunscreen stays good for only a year.
Your cream loses its strength as it ages. So it's best to buy a new bottle every summer.

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