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3D configurator now for all Audi models

July 31, 2018 – After an almost lifelike VR Experience in a specially designed office of the Audi showroom, the brand now also offers 3D configuration via the website. The 'flat' images of Audi, which are entirely in accordance with your wishes, are now definitely a thing of the past.

What started out as a pilot balloon in the Netherlands (apparently we Dutch people were rather audiovisual), has now been rolled out in 25 countries and applies to all Audi- models. And so not only can the A4 be viewed in real time via the brand's website, but also the Q2, A7 Sportback and the brand new Q8. Only the R8 is outside the three-dimensional boat, but this is most probably due to the fact that the supercar can only be delivered from stock. On the next generation, which is approaching, Audi is also using 3D configuration.

Backgrounds in 4K
Audi is above all proud of the detailed representation of the online 3D module. "Especially when it comes to individual equipment options, our new 3D visualization provides the customer with a very comprehensive, detailed view of the desired model and supports their purchase decision," says Thomas Orenz, project manager for the Audi Visualization Engine at Audi. In the future, the 3D car configurator will be upgraded to 4K and country-specific backgrounds. A soul-lost road on Iceland and an exposed tunnel are already available. The program will also be translated for use in the showroom of the Audi dealer. In addition to the VR Experience. Look for more car news and driving impressions on Look for more car news and driving impressions on www.autowereld.com.


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