Belgian former love kings are suing for royal status

Back in January, Albert’s lawyers admitted that their daughter, a 52-year-old Belgian artist Delfin Boel, was seven years into a legal battle over paternity.

The former king countered Boel’s claim that he was envisaged during the relationship between him and his mother, Sibyl Dallis Longchamps, but his position reversed after the results of a court-ordered paternity test.

Albert’s attorneys said in a statement at the time that “legal paternity is not necessarily a reflection of biological paternity,” indicating that the former king did not attend Boël’s upbringing and that he was not with his legal father. Will respect the relationship. ”

Speaking in January, Albert’s attorney, Ellen Berenbom, told CNN affiliate VTM News that the former monarch would include Boleel in his will “treating all his children equally.”

Boll has now taken legal proceedings “completely treated as Albert II’s child, with equal titles and equal rights” as his brother, his attorney, Mark Uyattendale, told CNN on Friday.

According to the news agency AFP, the “Princess of Belgium” will be titled.

In response, Berenbom, representing Albert, told CNN: “We believe he has the right to be recognized but these requests do not fall within the court’s capacity.”

He said that Boël’s request for a title should be made to either the King, Philip, or the Minister of Justice.

Berenbom also told CNN that the proceedings, now held by the appeals court in Brussels, were part of those launched in 2013 by Boel on Thursday to make “additional requests that were not in the original request.”

Albert, pictured on July 9, 2020 with his wife, Queen Paola of Belgium

Albert’s admission earlier this year ended more than two decades of speculation that he had given birth to a child during an extramarital affair in the 1960s.

The rumors were published by a 1999 biography about Paola Ruffo di Calabria, later Queen Paola of Belgium, whom Albert married in 1959.

Boël, who was later named in the Belgian media as the alleged child, brought a lawsuit in 2013, in which Albert was recognized as his father.

Albert withdrew the throne in the same year that the case was launched, citing concerns about his age and health, with his son Philip succeeding him as emperor.

Jesse Yeung of CNN contributed to this report.