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Povetkin vs Usyk. Why do not you want a fight like that? Boxing News

Source: RIA "News"

The Russian boxer Alexander Povetkin can become the next rival of the Ukrainian Alexander Usik. Vasily, correspondent of RIA Novosti Konov Jr. Explain why not excited with such development.

On Saturday, February 16, ESPN, citing promoter Eddie Hearn, said the Povetkin-Usyk fight could take place on May 18 in Chicago (USA). The director of the world boxing promotion company, Andrei Ryabinsky, confirmed to RIA Novosti that such a possibility exists.

"For the moment, I can say that such a struggle is possible, but you can not say that everything has been decided." This is a project, now we are thinking about organizing that fight. There are several options, including the fight against Usyk, "said Ryabinsky, who successfully represents Povetkin's interests, after such messages in my head immediately made me think:" Why? "

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As I understand, Usyk anyway enter heavyweight I expressed my skepticism about this decision in previous articles about the absolute world champion in the first heavyweight. On the other hand, I understand perfectly the Ukrainian – for him in sports I'm no longer interested in cruises. This division almost cleaned it. Also, let's not forget the finances. The heavy weight in this aspect is a completely different world.

But now it's not about that. If the fight of Usika and Povetkin. anyway It will take place, then, for the Ukrainian heavyweight debut, there will be a very formidable opponent. I am sure that Povetkin is today among the five best heavyweights in the world. I am also convinced that if it were not for the bad meldonium, the Russian Vityaz would have become the champion in 2016, beating the American Deonteus Wilder. But here, unfortunately, too much "would be".

In any case, in this duel. someone It will be a loser (a tie does not suit anyone either). And here it is not even a personal attitude towards both boxers, I can put them as an example in a safe way as athletes and as people. Consequently, at least I do not want someone lost But all this is subjectivism, let's talk about something else.

Suppose Usic loses. This option is quite possible. Then that The first defeat in his career, dispelling the myth of invulnerability, goodbye, the long-awaited battle with Anthony Joshua. Too great opponent to start climbing in heavyweight.

On the other hand, Usyk can win. Option also very real. In this case, I really do not want Povetkin to become a kind of new venture in the career of a Ukrainian. Over the years, the Russian Vityaz has forged a reputation in the world of sports and has gone through many things. I have the opinion that Povetkin has long been the face of Russian boxing. And here tosomeone Record things … It's a shame.

But in my opinion, in my opinion, it is Usik who is most interested. You will definitely get more dividends from such a meeting. Honestly, I see practically nothing that, in a sporty sense, Povetkin can take out of this fight by himself. Or become a stage in development. of someone career, or point out an error in the desire to go in heavyweight. And, I repeat, I say all this with great respect for both Povetkin and Mustache.

We make bets!

There is one more thing: the ability to cash. But I'm not sure that the fight between Povetkin and Usyk is very popular in the United States. In addition, there is no certainty that such a signal can lead the show. Well, let's not forget the political background, but it will be – 100%. Remember how Usik was forced to cling after a fight with Murat Gassiyev. By the way, and here the Ukrainian was at the top.

In general, I really do not want the fight between Povetkin and Usik to really take place. The former champion of the WBA (Super) in the second middleweight of the Russian Fyodor Chudinov has a different opinion on this matter.

"For Povetkin, if he also defeats Usyk, it will be a great event. I do not know how Sasha is now, but it would be interesting to see this fight. In the last match against Joshua, although he fell, he showed good boxing in technical terms. "However, if they are more careful in the defense against Usyk, then he will have great opportunities to show a good and entertaining fight," Chudinov said.

"Usik's transition to heavyweight can affect his speed. When a boxer gains weight, it becomes slower. If you keep your speed and mobility, good legs, then I do not think you feel the difference. Maybe it will make the right move, moving to another weight category ", – he added former champion

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