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Champions of Russia for transfers – Premier League news – Football

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For € 4 million in "Lokomotiv" the ex-defender of the German national team, "Schalke" and "Juventus" Benedikt Hevedes, World Cup 2014 .


It's amazing, but only German champion Roberto Carlos played in Russia before the German Benedikt Hvedes. And he came to our country as a pensioner – he played a little for "Anji" and switched to coaching (although, in fact, he was simply responsible for PR, moving everywhere with a personal guard). Hevedes is a completely different story. Defender 30 years old, for his role – the most juicy age. By the standards of Ignashevich – so generally a youth. He is counted on, he is taken to the main team for the Champions League. Due to German injuries did not form the last season in Juventus and he did not qualify for the World Cup. But if it were not for the damage, then Höwedes would most likely be in the cage at the 2018 World Cup – when the football player was healthy, he participated in three matches of the qualifying tournament, twice more was included in the application. Perhaps it is more important to compare Hevedes than Roberto Carlos, but with, at that time acting vice-champion of the world, the Argentine Garay, when he came to Zenit.

Despite the controversial past season of Hevedes, "Lokomotiv", according to my information, had to withstand serious competition. The player claimed "Galatasaray", ready to pay "Schalke" more "Locomotive", two Bundesliga clubs and "Krasnodar" ("bulls", according to some sources, gave 7 million euros). Two things played an important role. First, "civil position" Hevedes, who since childhood played for the club from Gelsenkirchen, became a captain there and, as I was told, was not ready to play for some another club in Germany. Secondly, ties and professionalism of the sports director of "Loco" Eric Stoffelshaus, who in the past worked in the "Schalke" (here it is appropriate to recall the passage of Farfan, one of the heroes of the championship season of railway workers). Hevedes is really a very interesting and difficult transfer.

In recent years, the Russian championship has become less and less stars. The course for its students and for the economy is, of course, great, but, you see, there is a shortage of really ringing names. "Lokomotiv" is still the only club that makes the summer transfer campaign RPL really interesting. In addition to Hevedes, two-time winner of the Europa League "Seville", ex-opornik "PSG" Kryhovyak passed to the club, and European champion-2016 Eder signed a full-fledged contract after the lease.

Of course, this is not "Zenith" beginning of 2010 with Hulk and Witsel, and not "Anji" Kerimov, with Willian and Eto-O, but nonetheless. In the years that are hungry for football, Lokomotiv stands out against the general background – but it does not spend huge money (contracts of newcomers – within the market, the transfer amounts, at least now, look adequate).

What about the competitors? "Zenith" -2018 does not take anyone at all – first you need to deal with the difficult legacy of the past, the army of people on contracts. "Krasnodar" is always mysterious: it goes its own way. "Spartacus" took the two new players clearly into the main squad, but Gigot is not too well known (although it is good), and Tashayev is an internal Russian transition, CSKA is actively behaving, but to tell the truth, the army team is surprised first of all because at first no one was really bought, and their newcomers are mostly nougame. signed Abel Hernandez, he is unlikely to be compared to Kryhovyak or Höwedes in star rating.

Thanks to the bright newcomers, it's more fun to watch Loko: will they really make the team stronger – we'll find out in the coming months, but at least the acquisitions look logical. I earned a reinforcement by making it to the Champions League and I can earn more.I should remember that the victory in the group tournament now costs almost three million euros and the draw is 900,000.If Kryhovyak, Hevedes, Eder will provide a decent result in at least half of six leagues oemempionskih matches, then at least pay off "their existence." In addition, any transfer is important to consider not only momentarily, but in the context of the club strategy that Lokomotiv has. Exhausted by the injuries of Chorluk – but now there is Höwedes, who is also a versatile person who can play in two central, and three, and on the flank. St. Petersburg is dying in Denisov – but in the future you can transfer to his position Kryhovyak, and next will already be prepared young talent Barinov – the second most talented champion of Europe-2013 after Golovin, who in the future has all chances to be in the Russian team (behind him, according to my information, the orderly Stanislav Cherchesov has been following for a long time). And so on.

Evaluation of transfers, as usual, will give an in-Russian tournament and the Champions League. The whole world now admires that "Juventus" took Cristiano Ronaldo, but suddenly he will fail in Turin – there is never a hundred percent guarantee. But according to the resonance and potential of the rolling players, "Lokomotiv" is still unequivocally the champion of Russia in the summer of 2018.

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