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A piece of the "corvette" for children and the first game in 30 years. Nostalgic for PC games

In the comments to the previous work, some readers rightly pointed out that the competition was about nostalgia for computer games and not for arcade games. We really liked Dmitry's material about the Minsk arcade machines, so we'll leave it in the competition. But to restore justice, we will publish today not one, but two works of true "informatics". Thus, voting in a week will not be four articles, but five. There will be a lot to choose from!

The material called "Games for PC-8020" Corvette "- a small part of childhood" came from Pavel, one of the organizers of the Minsk Museum of ByteSpace.by retrocomputers. The second material for the editor was sent by Vasily "vsmozy": he is 45 years old and became familiar with his first computer game at 30.

PC game 8020 "Corvette" – a small piece of childhood (Pavel Bardilovsky)

In an extremely difficult, but interesting moment, my generation was born. 1991, the Soviet Union had just collapsed, surrounding the devastation. Technology comes with a noticeable delay. When, 5 years later, in 1995, everyone played with the iconic Sony PlayStation, any child would be happy with us and a clone of the Japanese Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) under the proud name of Dendy, which comes from the end of the eighties.

The computer was an unattainable dream. The maximum that can be counted is a self-made clone of the British ZX Spectrum computer, assembled by a technology student on his knee in the basement, of what could be obtained in the nearest radio market. And this technological delay lasted for a long time. But it was precisely this that helped my generation see the full history of the gaming and computer industry almost from its inception.

8-bit rambo clones of the cult Atari 2600? Thousands of homemade clones of the ZX Spectrum from the local Wozniaks? Pirate Dendy / Sega? Norton Commander blue panels under DOS? Dangerous Dave and Wolfenstein 3D from the great father of all shooters John Carmack? Cheerful and as always it was due to Yakubovich of Dima Bashurov of "Arzamas-16"? Windows 3.11 for workgroups with a clock that can tell you that time is running out? The three-button mouse and the ability to "draw" directly on the computer in PaintBrush? GameBoy c pokemon cartoon? An unattainable dream in the form of Pentium 4? Everything happened.

Many colleagues who were lucky enough to have in the late 1990s were not a standard Dendy or even a good clone of Sega Mega Drive, that is, a staff, even if it was a home computer, was the famous ZX Spectrum. Well almost. Probably, one of its many clones collected from us in Belarus. At that time I was fortunate to find another wonderful 8-bit computer, not only from the Soviet assembly, but also from the development: the Corvette PC-8020 manufactured by Brest Electromechanical Plant (BEMZ).

This machine was developed at the Moscow State University in 1985 for scientific purposes and took a lucky ticket: came to the list of computers that began to be supplied to Soviet schools. It was at school when I first met this computer.

The games with the Corvette still make me feel like an attack of that childish delight, with a simple but dynamic game and colorful graphics. Although at that moment we ourselves invented the paintings, since the monitors were monochrome (black and white or black and green), and nobody had color monitors, it was very expensive and scarce.

Here are the three most famous games for the Corvette.

"Treasure" – KLAD1.COM

Perhaps the most famous game for the "Corvette". If you had a "Corvette" at school, chances are you played it. Many people confuse this game with LodeRunner (whose port, by the way, was also in the Corvette) due to the similarity of the game, but the Treasure is a completely different game with its unique mechanics. "Treasure" is a remake of the game RiseOut, known in the Japanese MSX computer, which was developed from scratch. Even the levels match RiseOut MSX, although they go in a different order. But our "Treasure" was much better and more colorful than the original. In general, the game "Treasure" was transferred or written from scratch to many Soviet 8-bit computers of the time. But the version of "Klad" for the "Corvette" is deservedly considered the best among those who appreciate old games.

What is the essence of the game? You are a true adventurer, like Indiana Jones, to get out of the 25 labyrinths of the enchanted underground castle. In doing so, you must collect treasures, avoid unpleasant encounters with the guardians of these treasures (such as demons) and also try not to fall into the water from cliffs or rope bridges. To move from one labyrinth to another, you must find among the treasures the key of the closed doors. In the game, you can go through some walls that grow excessively over time; This often allows you to find the most incredible step-level strategy, for example, hit the guard demon directly on the wall.

Sometimes there were treasures in the game that are impossible to pick up in the course of the labyrinth: with a sense of humor, the developers were fine!

Racing – RALLY.COM

The second most popular game in the "Corvette" and, as a rule, the first program that was launched by a young computer science teacher since the mid-1990s in the newly established computer class. This is the first game that came with the Corvette. The classic races. Life is endless, but the more you collide, the faster gasoline will run out and it may not be enough for the end of the track.

The game has an interesting technique: car sprites and thermometers are graphics, and the clue is textual. This made it possible to achieve a very high drawing speed of the game, and therefore high dynamics. The track is linked in the game, but for all its simplicity it is very interesting to play. The game has some funny Easter eggs from the developer, towards the end of the track, the name of the village "d". Kablukovo


One of the few fighting games for the Corvette. Before Mortal Kombat, he, of course, as before the Moon, but it is very possible to stay for half an hour. What this game is remembered by most players is the speech synthesized directly from the computer speaker. When loading the game, he proudly shouted the developer's voice: "KARATE!", leading to the incredible delight of child consciousness. Unfortunately, the gameplay was not as great as the screen saver.

It so happened that most of the high quality games for Corvette are ports of a Japanese MSX computer. About these games and will be discussed more thoroughly.

Stop the train – MAFIA.COM or STOP.COM

A very high quality port of the game Stop the ITA Express (Train) from MSX to Corvette. It works slower than on MSX, making it a bit easier to play. The game is divided into two levels: the first player escapes from the pursuers of the gangsters on the roofs of the cars, dodging bullets and several obstacles in the way of the train. When you get to the middle of the train, the player goes to the second level, where the chase is already waiting for him inside the trailers. The goal is to get to the head of the train to stop it. In a dangerous mission, our hero is helped, curiously, by the birds: standing on the roof of the carriage, the player can grab a bird that flies to release it in the gangster. Inside the carriages the crown reception is available, a kick in the jump. At the end of the game, the greetings are shown in broken English: "Congratulations! You are successful!"after which the game is repeated again with many enemies.

Eric and the floats – ERIC.COM

Port with MSX of the first game of the famous Hudson Soft BomberMan game series. An adventurer named Eric is looking for a treasure in the ruins of a lost civilization. The little man with a wide-brimmed hat crosses labyrinths generated from stone blocks, some of which can be destroyed. For this, Eric has many bombs in the store, whose explosion destroys not only the blocks, but also the enemies, the balloons, which still strive to grab our hero, seeing him in the curve. With each new level of enemies becomes more and more, and begin to reach the hero faster and faster. But often the hero is waiting for a reward, behind the destroyed blocks there are bonuses in the form of a gold chest or a door with the inscription "Exit": exit the level without destroying all the enemies. Every certain level, the mode is activated when Eric puts bombs automatically, which complicates the game.

Binary Earth – BINARY.COM

The binary port of Hudson Soft from MSX to Corvette. We help two lovers to find themselves in a labyrinth of mirrors, while avoiding spiders who are afraid. The objective of the game is to simultaneously approach from two different sides to the heart at the top of the screen, the difficulty is that the player controls both characters at the same time, a boy and a girl, and they walk like mirrors to each other. To defend against spiders, our heroes are armed with a special spray. The game has a very memorable music: the processing of two famous classical melodies: Eric Sati – "Je te veux" ("I love you") and Ludwig van Beethoven – "Symphony No. 9" ("Ode to Joy").

In fact, quite high quality games were released and very interesting for "Corvette", I only talked about the most famous.

Time goes by as usual, and my interest in my childhood computer has not faded. In addition, I started collecting other computers and old equipment. After all, only in the previous technology can you see live how life flows inside a computer, how electrical signals work between its components. With this we can easily help a wonderful measuring device: an oscilloscope. In a modern computer, you will not see such a thing: the score now goes to nanometers, and all the fillers are grouped in a small crystal.

By the will of destiny in a forum known to collectors of ancient technology, I met another enthusiast, about whom he had written on Onliner more than once: Alexander Alexandrov, also known as Byteman.

Later, we met Sasha personally, and even more: I was able to attend the opening of an exhibition, not a museum of full-fledged computer games. The organizing team received me warmly and now the museum has become an important part of my life. And this is a great place to reflect, to poke a welder, to study old wiring diagrams and have a good time! It is always good to immerse yourself in childhood for at least a couple of hours!

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. The first PC game at 30 years old (Vasily aka vsmozy)

My first contact with 3D games on the PC was in 2003 (approximately, I do not remember exactly). I was then 30 years old. The first baptism was in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault in a very weak computer, gathered in the lap of the son of his mother's friend.

My world has taken a step towards the future, being in the present. I played and I could not believe that this could be. I did not think about how everything works and how much money it will take to update. The update of the fever began (and then did not end for long) after watching the game Mafia: The City of Heaven Lost. But neither the first nor the second game that I remember as the third. Of the first two I enjoyed it. But the third, thanks to a mission and my inexperience, became a test for me. I will tell you about one of the moments of this wonderful game.

Then, Vietcong. I started playing in parallel with Mafia, when I got stuck on a mission with a well-known race: "Mafia: Mission 6 – fair game" Race. "The game took me right away. I plunged into the atmosphere of Vietnam, the trenches, the war and the jungle to such an extent that in the work with colleagues, when it came to leisure, I answered: "… What did you see in this world, where have you been … and here I am in Vietnam …"

In general, it was incredibly great. Therefore, my disappointment with a mission was just as strong. This is not to convey in simple words! My indignation and bewilderment knew no limits. I did not understand how it was possible to achieve such a complex and ridiculous mission in such a harmonious and comprehensible game.

And the thing was this. The main character had to go from point A to point B through the jungle and tunnels, at the same time clearing the path of the intrepid Viet Cong. The jungle passed, and it was the turn of the tunnels. The first couple of tens of meters in the twilight step and fall to the lower level, where it is absolutely dark. Before my eyes the view and the black screen. But I'm not a fool, I have fluorescent sticks. That was 10 pieces. As it turned out, these clubs were very deficient.

I did not understand why the player punished me, the player.

Pereklatsav all the keys on the keyboard in search of any secret, not finding anything and not suspecting, I took the job … When the sticks were exhausted, they saved me and I went back to doing in complete darkness a new version of the road. I fixed all this with a pencil on my map, which I painted on two A4 sheets stuck together. Each step, each turn, each fork. I understood: when GG walks, the steps are audible. But when he rested against the wall, the steps were also audible, he stomped on the spot. He came to the rescue sight. When GG was walking, the reach expanded, and when he leaned against the wall, he narrowed. This was not enough, and I shot to light the way, declassifying my location to the enemy. The sound on the headphones to the fullest, to hear in advance the slightest change, approach the enemy, their conversations, squeaking rats.

It lasted every night for two weeks. Two weeks Two weeks of hellish hard work, Carl! The map was painted far and wide and did not carry much more. But somehow I went through the tunnel and left. Two weeks Oh gods! I see the light! My happiness and my pride had no limits.

Not long celebrating, I moved more through the jungle, and … I was hysterical. I get in the next tunnel.

In the second tunnel, shorter, it took me a week. I already played without pleasure. It was a job Emotion did not leave me in the same way as fear of the next tunnel. Until the end of the game, I was afraid there would be a mission with tunnels. But they were not good.

My co-worker also played this game, and there was an unspoken rivalry between us, who has the best PC and which game is better. The iron was different. And in one of the conversations that I threw the bait, they say, how did you go through that mission so unfortunate for me? Again I had a tantrum … In response, I heard: "Easy, turn on the flashlight – and move forward". Lantern

I had no words, in emptiness and apathy. My colleague laughed long and hard. He said that I was a masochist and a hero at the same time. In my house, he discovered that on the keyboard the L key, which turned on the flashlight, did not work. And in the configuration you can reassign this key. My inexperience and lack of attention made me a cruel joke.

After many years, I installed Vietcong on my laptop and walked through the tunnels with the flashlight on. The nostalgia increased and I was glad not to have to draw a map.

In a week, we will publish a "voting list" in which Onliner readers can choose the best, in their opinion, a nostalgic article about old games. The winner will receive as a prize any game he wants.

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