being underweight as a teen or younger grownup could also be linked to early menopause


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The query

Some ladies attain menopause a lot sooner than others, usually for causes unknown. May weight be an element on this?

This research

The researchers badyzed information on 78,759 ladies, all pre-menopausal and most of their mid-30s at the beginning of the research, which spanned about 22 years. In that point, 2,804 ladies reached menopause earlier than age 45, which is taken into account early. The entire ladies reached menopause naturally, none due to a hysterectomy, oophorectomy, radiation remedy or chemotherapy. In contrast with normal-weight ladies, those that have been underweight — with a physique mbad index (BMI) beneath 18.5 — have been 30 p.c extra more likely to have skilled early menopause. In contrast, early menopause was much less doubtless for obese ladies than for these of regular weight: 21 p.c much less for these with a BMI of 25 to 27.four and 30 p.c for a BMI of 27.5 to 29.9. The possibilities of early menopause additionally have been larger — by 50 p.c — for ladies who had been underweight at age 18 vs. these whose weight was regular at that age.

Who could also be affected?

Ladies. Menopause marks the top of a girl’s menstrual cycle. In america, most girls attain menopause of their 40s or 50s, most at about age 51. Menopause happens naturally as the quantity of estrogen and progesterone produced by the physique declines, ultimately inflicting the ovaries to cease producing eggs and intervals to stop. After menopause, a girl can not turn out to be pregnant.


Some information got here from responses on questionnaires. Most contributors have been white, so the outcomes might not apply to others.

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On-line Oct. 25 in Human Replica (; click on on “Extra Content material,” then “Advance Articles”).

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Info on menopause will be discovered at womenshealth.­gov/menopause and at ­menopause.­­­­org (seek for “menopause 101”).

The badysis described in Fast Research comes from credible, peer-reviewed journals.

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