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Behind the support Why the Kansas Jayhawks are still a No. 1 seed?

The surprising defeat of Kansas against Washington on Wednesday night could, and probably should have done, juggle the seeds n. ° 1. Instead, all he did was leave the Jayhawks at number 2 overall in n. 4. The reason is that a group of teams sitting just behind KU also fell, some in an equally ignominious way.

Notre Dame? No thanks. Lost at home with Ball State in a game, the Irish were given a 93 percent chance of winning. Florida? Double disaster, lost a pair at home to Florida State (semi-understandable) and Loyola Chicago, averaging 62.5 points in the process after putting 99.5 PPG on six previous trips. Texas A & M, Virginia and Cincinnati were among other undefeated qualifiers to suffer their first defeat.

So Kansas lives to see another day on the top line. This is significant in large part because the Jayhawks have practically become their permanent home. For astonishing seven of the last 11 years, in fact. What happens next? Kansas will likely be favored in all but one of the remaining games of the regular season (January 15 in West Virginia). Even with Wednesday's loss, the Jayhawks retain No. 1 seed probabilities of nearly 80 percent.

Screening: More of the same.

  • Next for a No. 1 seed. That would be Wichita State, but the Shockers were almost shocked at home by the state of South Dakota. In addition, any consideration of this kind must wait until the injured striker Markis McDuffie returns. With all their strength, most agree that the sky is the limit for Gregg Marshall's team.

    Projection: Properly sown for a change (most likely as No. 2)

  • Texas A & M still moves. The Aggies, benefiting from some of the same circumstances that underpin Kansas, lost a narrow decision to Arizona, but improved from 9th overall to No. 8. The No. 2 seed that accompanies it seems to ignore that defeat, but it really is another reflection that classifications never occur in a vacuum. Each team is slotted along with the performance of others in the vicinity of the seed list

    Screening: Title of the regular SEC season and no worse than a No. 3 seed

  • Xavier can challenge Villanova. The musketeers are positioning themselves as a legitimate rival for Villanova in the Grand Orient. A seed No. 5 to start the season, the Musketeers are a No. 3 now with only a neutral court and a loss that no longer harms the State of Arizona. If they survive a trip on December 22 to northern Iowa, the Muskies should enter the Big East game at 12-1 with circles around a couple of dates with the Wildcats (January 10 in Philadelphia and February 17 in Cincy). .

    Screening: No. 4 seed, but with a regular season division against Villanova

  • A mid-size checkup. Middle Tennessee (in Vanderbilt), Loyola Chicago (in Florida), Ball State (in Notre Dame), Idaho (Washington State) and Stephen F. Austin (in Louisiana Tech) won important victories. An especially good race is brewing at the Missouri Valley Conference, with Loyola, Northern Iowa, Missouri State and Valparaiso just arriving to finish with identical conference records 11-7.

  • Increase: West Virginia, Arizona State, State of Florida, Tennessee, Syracuse, Clemson.

  • Falling: Notre Dame, Florida, Cincinnati, USC, UCLA, Saint Mary & # 39; s, Butler, Oregon

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