‘Before LeBron James, what seeds were you?’: ‘Damien Lillard made fun of Lakers for Lizers’ 8th’ comment

Damian Lillard does not care what people think, and he showed the way he mocked the Blazers by clapping on a Lakers fan on Twitter.

The Portland Trail Blazers qualified for the playoffs after winning a play-in game for the first time in NBA history. They finished with a record of 35–39 before appearing in a play-in game against the Memphis Grizzlies.

This includes 6 wins in NBA bubble seeding games. Dame was declared Bubble Seeding Games MVP.

Damien Lillard trolls Lakers fan with ‘LeBron James’ statement

Over the years, NBA players have more and more harmonized public opinion about them and their teams. Lillard is just one example – the likes of Kevin Durant also eat burners to argue with people on Twitter.

CJ McCullum’s ‘I’m Trying, Jennifer’ situation is one of the biggest cases of point.

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The entire conversation took place after Lillard revealed a video of combat training. A Lakers fan in question commented, ‘Bro did everything offshin but hoop.’ Lillard replied ‘I’m hooping during the season’.

The fan was not convinced, ridiculing the Blazers for being the ‘only’ 8th seed.

Lillard did him well this time, asking how the Lakers have performed over the last 8 years. The Lakers actually made the playoffs in 2013, but did not win a single game with Coby Bryant injured with an Akilis tear.

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They could not make the playoffs in Lebron’s first year with them.

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