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Becky’s fertility problems in & # 39; Roseanne & # 39; make fans feel heartbroken

So far, the revival of Roseanne has given us a lot of information about where Darlene is these days, but in the new episode on Tuesday night, we finally got a little idea of ​​the Becky's life. And although it was a heartbreaking episode for a show that is actually a comedy, Becky discovers she can not have children Roseanne could lead to hope for her future, and tons of fans show so much sympathy for she.

In the original series, Becky was actually the most successful member of the Conner family, at the beginning, anyway. She always got good grades and excelled at school, while Darlene had problems constantly, and until the last few seasons, she seemed to have the best chance of leaving Lanford. But now that the new episodes are here, we know that that was not what happened. She is working in a restaurant, trying to be hired so that she can finally find a way to start her life, as she pointed out to Roseanne when they discussed her decision.

Now, we know that Becky's present fight will be a little deeper this season. When she went to the doctor for a checkup to see if she was ready to begin the substitution process, she discovered that there was less than a five percent chance that would ever have children. .

So not only did Becky lose the concert, and the $ 50,000 promise, which could help her buy a house that had a garden for her new dog, Armani, but also lost the dream of having children of her own. someday. It was disheartening to see her deal with the news, and what's worse when she got home and had an argument with Roseanne about it and obviously felt that her mother did not understand or sympathize with her.

Fans immediately turned to Twitter to react to Becky's news, and the general consensus was that Becky did not deserve this truly cruel twist of fate.

At one point in the episode, Darlene discovered that Becky was drinking her problems at the Mexican restaurant where she worked, so she went to see her (and drink with her … and take selfies with her) and try to help her work through this massive change of life that I was facing. Then, when Roseanne and Dan went to the restaurant to help, they mentioned that the fact that Mark died had caused Becky to remain frozen in time in what she was when that happened. Not only was it a rare mention of what happened to Mark (the actor who played it, Glenn Quinn, died of an overdose in 2002), but it also made the fans sympathize with Becky much more.

It was nice to see the way Becky discovered something difficult also joined the rest of her family. Seeing the scheme of Roseanne and Jackie together to get Becky's dog out of the shelter was classic Roseanne and it was sweet to see her and Darlene having their moment at the bar, ridiculous as it was. They can bother each other, but they are still sisters, as always.

Although what Becky is going through is definitely sad, this episode gave fans the opportunity to see Roseanne with far fewer political allusions than the previous episodes this season: a show about a family facing real problems . Fortunately, this will continue for the rest of the season to come, and maybe we'll even see Becky finally get that victory that she desperately needs.

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