Bec Rawlings a violent naked knuckle fighter: Bare Knuckle FC

AUSSIE UFC star Bec Rawlings showed he can hit without gloves in the first card of the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship on Sunday (AEST).

The 29-year-old had no problem destroying opponent Alma Garcia, beating her to the point where the doctor stopped the fight due to the severity of the cuts Garcia suffered.

"I'm the queen of naked boxing," Rawlings said after his victory.

It was a historic day marking the first event of Bare Knuckle FC: the first time you fight against the naked knuckles has been legalized in 120 years. The couple was the first woman in history to compete in a legally bad knuckle boxing.

Although it started slowly, Rawlings soon found its rhythm. The UFC flyweight contender knocked down Garcia towards the end of the first round and maintained the fury at the start of the second.

He held the American with one hand and let him fly with the other in an exhibition of pure violence. [19659003] "It's great to be able to let go of my hands and show off my boxing skills," Rawlings said. "I feel like I boxed a boxer today.

" This sport is made for me. I do not know if you can see, but I love boxing. And I think the bare aspect of the knuckles suits me well. "

Rawlings may have won, but he did not escape completely unscathed, fighting without the eight-ounce gloves that he normally wears in the Octagon, his hands felt something pain, though less than what he inflicted on Garcia.

Rawlings is out of privilege with the UFC, but before his fight on Sunday he promised to fight on his way back to the promotion.

"I do not have doubts that I will return to the UFC within a year, "Rawlings said, according to the Herald Sun.

" I was fighting against the best in the UFC world, and I left some decisions, but I beat some tough girls and really showed that It really belonged to that division.

"I do not think anybody is going to have a chance against me outside the UFC, so I really think I'll put a stamp on any of the divisions outside of that and I will not give the UFC any other option than to sign me again."

MMA stars Joey Beltran and Tony Lopez overcame him. in the penultimate fight with Beltrán bloody winning the heavyweight by unanimous decision.

In the main event form UFC heavyweight champion Ricco Rodriguez beat Lewis Rumsey, also by unanimous decision.

Before that, Bobby Gunn put Irineu Beato Costa Jr to sleep in the first round, following a couple of body shots with a blow to the head. 19659003] RESULTS

Ricco Rodriguez defeated Lewis Rumsey by unanimous decision (50-45 x 2, 48-47)

Joey Beltrán defeated Tony Lopez by unanimous decision (49-45 x 2) , 49 -46)

Bec Rawlings defeated Alma Garcia via TKO (R2)

Sam Shewmaker defeated Eric Prindle via KO (R1)

Bobby Gunn defeated Irineu Beato Costa Jr through KO (R1) )

Johnny Bedford defeated Nick Mamalis via TKO (R2)

Reggie Barnett defeated Travis Thompson by unanimous decision (50-45 x 3)

Maurice Jackson defeated Dale Sopi via KO (R1)

Estevan Payan defeated Omar Avelar via KO (R1)

Arnold Adams defeated DJ Linderman through TKO (R2)


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