Bears smash the entire fanbase with a tweet from Andy Dalton

The Chicago Bears social media team was trying to get their fanbase excited about their new quarterback.

Turns out the fanbase lost all hope the moment they signed the new quarterback.

The Bears’ Twitter account tweeted a photo of free agent signing Andy Dalton, captioned only with the quote “QB1.” As the social team probably should have expected, it didn’t turn out well in the comment section.

Twitter user Jessi Davin posted a video from “Stone Cold” Steve Austin saying “give me hell, yeah” and then addressing an empty audience.

@MrRodJones tweeted“Expecting a fan base to get excited about Andy Dalton is like asking a 5-year-old to get excited about broccoli. It just won’t happen. They want dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets, just like the rest of us. “

MSP Athletics tweeted the image, retouched with a 2 ahead of Andy Dalton’s No. 14, suggesting the team would go 2-14. “He fixed it,” they wrote. Several other users tweeted simply to “sell the team.”

Luke Null, who was a cast member of “SNL” for a season, tweeted, “The best Chicago Bears quarterback of all time.” Which, in its own sense, could be the biggest insult there is.

The Bears gave Andy Dalton a one-year, $ 10 million deal after allowing former No. 2 overall pick Mitchell Trubisky to walk to the Bills in free agency. They tried to get Russell Wilson out of Seattle, reportedly offering the Seahawks three first-round picks and two players, but Pete Carroll refused to let the deal go through.


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