Bears keep playoff hopes alive with victory over Vikings

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Michel Trubisky and beer are not done yet.

Chicago’s playoff hopes are still surprisingly alive today after an impressive win in Minnesota, a victory in which Trubisky went on to a hot start, but then struggled late, and Beers won it 33–27. Put together for

In an old-school NFC North offensive game, the two teams trailing, Chicago’s David Montgomery and Minnesota’s Dalvin Cook topped 130 riding yards on the big days.

The win improved the Bears’ record to 7-7, and they are still in wild card contention. Chicago fans should incite the Cardinals to lose, as Arizona is the team Chicago has the best chance of catching in a playoff match.

The loss leaves the Vikings 6-8 and out of playoff contention. Although they have not mathematically ended, the Vikings will now require many impossible events to go to the playoffs.

The Beers also need help to make it to the playoffs, but they are certainly not out of it. Trubisky and Beers were pronounced dead a few weeks ago, but they may have found themselves in the postseason.

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