Bear crime is doing the things it asks

The Chicago Bears offense seemed the best all season with a stunning 36-7 win over the Houston Texans. The offense started fast and never looked back with the success of the run game and the Bears coaches used the strength of Mitchell Trubisky to benefit the offense.

The question is – where the heck has it been all season?

Well, according to Trubisky, the coaching staff is finally starting to adjust the offense to fit his strengths and do the things he’s asking him to do to the offense, including using his mobility, running action and – Shocker – Includes using Chicago’s top draft. Pick in Roki Tight End Cole Chem.

“That’s some of the things I’m asking for,” Trubisky told reporters on Wednesday. “I think they are my strength and the strength of this crime as well. I felt it was a good idea to get Cole more involved, David more involved, A-Rob more involved. “

The Beers offense has averaged over 30 points in the last three games, with Trubisky completing 113-of-76 passes for 776 yards (67.2%) and two interceptions for a 103.2 passing rating with 776 yards. Have done.

But more than the numbers, the last two matches have shown a clear improvement. However, facing two bad defenses will certainly help. Still, you can’t ignore the strides the unit has made, especially when it comes to creating an offensive identity that starts with running the football, utilizing Trubisky’s mobility and acquiring the team’s playmakers is.

You might find that head coach Matt Negi must have taken less than three years to fit his players, to force his players to fit into his system to fit the strengths of his players Confess your guilt for.

The unfortunate thing is that the way the crime appears to be killing its progress may be very low.

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