Beach Expansion Officially Closes

CORPUS CHRIS, Texas – Local leaders are extending a ban on vehicular traffic to Nubool County beaches until Aug. 17.

County Judge Barbara Cannells made that news official moments ago in Thursday’s daily city-county joint news briefing. The new order will come into effect from Friday.

Vehicles have not been allowed on Nullos County beaches since the fourth of July weekend. The ban ended on Saturday morning. This means that for the next two weeks, the only way to the beach is by foot.

Rebecca McKinsey said, “Cars are parked down there, they can park wherever they want and that gives people more space.”

McKinsey and his family regularly holiday here from Fort Worth. They believe that keeping vehicles away from the beach is a good thing.

It is not as crowded as it usually is when we come here, ”she said. “I know people are upset about this, but I think everyone needs to play their role to help reduce matters and keep them at bay (COVID-19).”

Since the vehicle ban came into effect, new novel coronavirus cases have declined in Newboll County.

“We’re down about 100 cases per day,” said Corpus Christi City Manager Peter Zanoni. “100 less on average, but we’re still in the 200-250 range.”

Zanoni said local leaders believe the beach vehicle ban has helped bring down the number of those cases.

“Whatever it takes to reduce the number would be terrible,” said beach owner Katilyn Chance.

However, not everyone agrees that keeping vehicles away from the beach is effective, saying the ban makes social distance next to impossible.

“Today’s time is not so bad; It is during the week, ”said Annie Hoeffel, a Padre Island resident. “But over the weekend, I guarantee you that there will be three or four layers of people here, squeezed into a small area.”

Another concern is the debris left by Hurricane Hanna, specifically south of Bob Hall Pier. Coastal Park director Scott Cross said his crew has plenty of sand to return to the beach before it is safe for traffic.

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