Be the center of attention again after Flynn makes a deal –

Be the center of attention again after Flynn makes a deal


Former FBI director James Comey is again in the crosshairs of the Russian investigation now that former national security adviser Michael Flynn has pleaded guilty to lying to the agency.

Lawmakers in Network Television Interviews Reelected Comey June Senate testimony accused President Trump of asking him to abandon Flynn's investigation, with several guests indicating that Comey could answer additional questions.

Flynn, one of Trump's former senior advisers and someone who Comey closely investigated during his time leading the Russian investigation, is now cooperating with Robert Mueller's special advisory research.

Also on Sunday, Trump decided to identify his former FBI director in a morning tweet. Trump said the agency's reputation has been damaged by Comey.

"After years of Comey, with the dishonest and dishonest investigation of Clinton (and more), directing the FBI, his reputation is in Tatters, the worst in history!", Wrote Trump. .

"I would be careful if you were, Mr. President, I would see this," Sen. Lindsey Graham Lindsey Olin Graham Night Techno: Facebook promises to stop letting advertisers exclude by race | Watchdog study finds lack of diversity in technology agencies | sued by tattoo recognition software Night regulations: Senators press the Department of Justice to review online gaming opinion | The EPA remains firm on the objectives of the biofuel mandate | Trump moves to fill financial regulatory posts Senators press for AG deputy to review opinion of online game MORE (RS.C) warned about Trump targeting Comey during an interview on "Face the Nation" by CBS News .

Graham said he did not agree with the description of Trump's office, but said that Comey will have to answer for the decisions he made during his time directing the FBI.

Trump dismissed Comey in May, in a decision that prompted the appointment of Mueller to take over the federal investigation into Russia's electoral meddling and its possible collusion with the Trump campaign.

"I thinned out k took some very, very wrong decisions," Graham told presenter John Dickerson about Comey. "There is an ongoing criminal investigation, Comey can be a part of it," she tweets and comments on the ongoing criminal investigations at her own risk, "I would be careful if you were, Mr. President, I would see this." [19659002] Some observers expect Comey to face more questions about his time as FBI investigation leader.

"I think given the deal with General Flynn, I think Comey will play another role in this", former representative Mike Rogers Michael (Mike) Dennis Rogers Why the Military Space Corps still He is not dead? Chief of the NSA: "Not the best time" for the defenders of the US-Russia Cyber ​​Space Corps: The study time is over & # 39; MORE [19659008] (R-Mich.), Former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said in CNN's "State of the Union".

"Although I'm sure they will bring him back, about that process of what he knew leads to the elections," he continued.

Comey testified earlier that Trump had asked him to let his professional go to Flynn while the former FBI chief was directing the Russian investigation, which included investigating Flynn's contact with Moscow officials.

"I hope you see the way to let it go, to let Flynn go, he's a good boy, I hope you can stop this," Trump said at a private meeting, according to Comey.

Flynn pleaded guilty on Friday to lying to the FBI about his previous talks with the Russian ambbadador. His guilty plea is that of the first former Trump. Administration official accused by the Russian investigation of the special lawyer.

Senator Mark Warner Mark Robert WarnerNight shop: lawmakers want answers about Uber's rape | Judges are divided in case of patent | Tech calls for net neutrality Cyber ​​Monday Cybersecurity at night: Uber under scrutiny over 2016 breach | Chinese citizens accused of federal piracy | Supreme Court weighs cell phone privacy Republican senators press Uber for more answers about rape MORE (D-Va.), Who is co-leading the investigation of the Senate Intelligence Committee in Russia, told him to the testimony of CNN Comey before the committee was clearly "very credible".

"I think there is more to come" on Flynn and the Russian Probe, he added.

Rep. Adam Schiff Adam Bennett Schiff Night defense: speculation about the future of Tillerson | Pentagon reverses course on banning cluster bombs | Panel approves controversial defense election | 400 Marines leaving Syria Erik Prince testifies before the Intelligence Committee of the Upper Chamber Intel Dem: Sessions refused to say whether Trump asked him to impede Russia's investigation MORE (D-Calif.), The current senior member Chamber Intelligence Committee, also on Sunday said that the combination of what Flynn and Comey know could "get close to a case of obstruction of justice."

"Well, what that would tell me is that one of the reasons he was intervening, the president he is, with James Comey was that he knew this would come to light and that he wanted to protect Mike Flynn by lying in his name, "Schiff told ABC News'" This Week "when asked what it would mean if Flynn testifies that Trump instructed his contact with the Russians.

The chronology of what Trump knew and when is key in a case against the president. So far, Flynn has only indicated that Trump directed him to communicate with Russian officials after he had already won the election. [19659002] Warner also hinted at the possibility that Trump might have obstructed justice after host Jake Tapper noticed that the president suggested that he knew Flynn lied to the FBI when he fired him in February.

Tapper was referring to a Trump tweet on Saturday.

"I had to fire General Flynn because he lied to the vice president and the FBI, and he pleaded guilty to those lies," Trump tweeted.

It was an apparent change in the reasons why Trump declared at the time of Flynn's expulsion, which was that he fired Flynn for lying to Vice President Pence. Trump's personal lawyer said he actually wrote the tweet and that he did not intend to "break the news" by implying that the president knew more about Flynn than he had previously indicated.

Comey has maintained a low profile since leaving public service, however, he has frequently tweeted quotes seemingly related to news.

He sent a tweet like this on Friday, after the news about Flynn.

"To paraphrase the Buddha: three things can not be hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth," he tweeted.

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