‘Be prepared as these deals will begin’

CNBC’s Jim Kramer is warning investors to be cautious about how they will hit the market next week.

There may be new reasons for volatile business as many companies go public in the coming days.

The “Mad Money” host said on Friday, “When we get a flood of initial public offerings, it’s usually a bad sign for the rest of the market,” because money managers don’t have that new money, So they come. Holdings had to be sold, similar to these shares, to buy some shares. ”

With 2019 already packed for initial public offerings, Wall Street has seen more than 110 companies go public in 2020, up 5% from this point last year, Cramer reported.

“Given that September is a bad month for the market,” he said, “I am urging you to be ready as these deals start flowing.”

Below is a roundup of Cramer’s reactions to the upcoming IPO:

SnowflakeHe said, “This thing is too hot, until you can get a piece of the real deal, that would be fantastic.” “It can be very expensive otherwise.”

Unity software: “Not yet profitable.”

JFrog: “It is one of the most attractive corners of the cloud-based software space.”

Sumo logic: “I’m not familiar with this one, but what matters here is that you’ve got four cloud deals coming up next week, and cause some portfolio managers to sell current cloud holdings [because] They have to make room for new people. ”

fine: “Considering that Teledok’s merger with Digital Health Coach Livongo, Amwell could hit the right place in the market as the only publicly traded pure play on telemedicine. He said, it’s still very profitable. is far.”

GoodRx: “At a time when people are paying full attention to their health and their bank accounts, GoodRx seems like a winner. Again, though, it all depends on the price – you don’t want to buy something that’s too hot . ”

Palantir (Direct Listing): “Palantir is a fast-growing business, so it can simply work, although recent reports suggest that early interest is not as strong for the company or any other, for that matter. ”

Posture (Direct Listing): “Asan has received a very good growth rate of 82% in the recent financial year, very few people have it – but it is also a consistent money loser. I think it is at this market prices. Would be a good test case for. “