Bayley Dayton wanted to play like ‘Old School’ but was unable to do so

A juror member on her original season, Beile Dayton was one of a group of alumni selected for the second All-Star-themed season elder brother. At the jury stage short for season 22, Dayton recently explained why he could not play the way old school players used to.

Beile Dayton and Kaiser Ridha on ‘Big Brother’ Season 22 | CBS Broadcasting, Inc.

Belle Dayton was friends with Janelle Pierzina and Saffron Ridha, but was aligned with the other side of the house

One of Dayton’s best friends at home was Janelle Pierjina, considered the best elder brother houseguest who has never won a competition. Some consider him the best player overall. Dayton and his closest ally, D’Von Rogers, also had a friendship with Kedar Ridha, Pierzina’s closest aide.

Despite the fact that he had friendships with Pierzina and Ridha, Dayton and Rogers were allied with the main alliance on the other side of the house, which includes Tyler Crispan, Nicole Frenzel and Calls Calafiore. They are three of the most successful “new schools” elder brother Players who have shaped the game over the years. Pierzina and Rida were immediately seen as threats and targets and were among the few housemates previously fired.

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Old school is the way to play

In an exit interview with Entertainment Weekly, Dayton said she was excited to get into the game with so many old school players. However, as we saw in the show, it All stars The season is like the more recent season of the show.

Since the victory of Derrick Levasseur, there is usually only one major coalition at home and that coalition usually has a lot of people. The coalition runs as another house, even those who are not in the alliance follow suit. Most votes are unanimous because if someone does not vote from home, they will be a likely target. Although it began much during Levesseur’s season, this new method of play was reinforced during Paul Abrahamian’s two seasons. There can be many other alliances within larger alliances, but in most households every coalition now overlaps. These vast alliances include:

This new style of play is very different from the old season, where two or three alliances ruled the season equally. Even if one coalition was strong, at least one more group died for dominance each week. Unanimous evictions were not the norm.

The reality star had to configure what is now the norm

Dayton says that he was expected to play at least one “happy medium” between the two genres, but the old school style is not drawn by new players. These differences are why Pierzina, Ridha and Keisha Smith were some of the first players. They were unable to get hold of the new style. Nevertheless, some players from the old season, such as Memphis Garrett and the Brions, were able to adapt.

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“I really feel that way. There was hope from the game – because there were so many old school players – I like, cool, we can probably hit a happy medium, ”she said. “But because of the way this game has bowed, it is almost as if it is no longer respected. Like, the more you lie and manipulate, the more you are respected in that type of house. But for me, I admire the mental gymnastics of the original elder brother sport. It seems to me that some should be brought back.

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