BattleUnknown Battlegrounds Mobile: 100 battle royale clones jump to an island


Tencent will bring the PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds to mobile as part of their agreement with the Bluehole Games and their new in-house studio, The PUBG Corporation, but partners can find that market oversaturated with the actual battle's competitors when it launches. [19659002] Mobile PUBG will debut first in China, according to a Tencent announcement on Monday. He did not disclose a release date or plans to extend it to other territories. But while PUBG will start slowly on iOS and Android, people around the world can find many clones of the game in the App Store and Google Play at this time.

Above: You can get a lot of battle with the actual action on your phone at this time.

Image credit: Google Play

Of course, Tencent PUBG's mobile will not have to compete against many of these imitators. It has its own Android application store in China, and Google Play is not even officially compatible in that country. So Tencent can place PUBG at the front and center of its distribution channel, which is the largest application market in China.

But if PUBG comes to Google Play or iOS App Store, you'll have to face the likes of Grand Battle Royale, Battle Game Royale, Battleground's Survive, Unknown Pixels Battle Ground, Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds, and Unknown Royal Battle. These are almost all slower, simpler and worse than the original game, but they are already available, and people want to try this game they heard from friends of PC games.

None of this is to say that PlayerUnknown & # 39; s Battlegrounds will have a hard time differentiating themselves from this crowd. It should be OK. The game has exceeded 22 million copies sold worldwide, with almost 10 million in China alone, and that is before the game was launched on Tencent's WeGame client. The most important point is that PUBG must move to mobile technology to preserve its future. The mobile is where most young people start playing, and while China has a large audience of PC games, smart phone games grow faster in that region.

The PUBG Corp can not risk the people who can come to Battlegrounds on PC or consoles for the first time in five years from now on it will have more experience and affinity with some imitation that has more affinity for an imitation than the legitimate experience . That's likely because people are downloading and playing these applications. People have downloaded Grand Battle Royale, which is the most popular mobile clone, more than a million times on iOS and Android. Then maybe that takes over the mobile and becomes a giant of its own. But that's what Tencent and The PUBG Corp are trying to stop.

The PC gaming channel is introduced by Intel's Game Dev program ® .


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