Battle for Senate control in Georgia after Biden’s victory

Washington (AP) – Control of Senate The prospect won’t be decided until a January runoff in Georgia, even after Democrat Joe Biden The White House won on Saturday.

The post-election cliff-hanger would determine the balance of power in Washington, as neither party had a lock on the Senate majority.

So far, there are 48 Republicans and 48 Democrats following Tuesday’s election to the next Senate. By-elections are being held for two seats in Georgia on January 5. North Carolina and Alaska are still in a hurry to call.

The stakes are high for momentary political conflict During President Donald Trump in Georgia Last lame-duck day in office. The state is closely divided, with Democrats gaining an advantage over Republicans, with an increase of new voters. But no Democrat has elected a senator in some 20 years. One strategist said that $ 500 million could be spent on both races.

“Now we take Georgia, and then we change America,” Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer told crowds on the streets of Brooklyn on Saturday celebrating Biden’s victory.

With a Democratic majority in the Senate, the party that controls the House will also hold power in Washington. Biden offered an opportunity to advance key parts of his legislative agenda through latitude and Congress, including candidates for his cabinet. If Democrats fall short, Mitch McConnell, a Kentucky Republican Senate Majority Leader, could wipe out power to investigate Biden’s ambitions.

“The Senate is the last line of defense,” the National Republican Sanatorial Committee tweeted as soon as the presidential race was called Biden. It was a fundraising appeal.

Republicans are working to maintain their majority, but still if they secure the final two races where ballots are still being counted in North Carolina and Alaska, they still fall short of the required 51 seats Will be done.

In North Carolina, sen. Thomas Tillis is trying to implicate Democratic challenger Cal Cunningham in a tight race, which is too early to call. Alaska GOP Sen. Dan Sullivan is favored as a Democrat for another term against an independent running back Al Gross.

The political math problem for Republicans is that the party’s vice president in the White House casts a tie-breaking vote in the Senate. Kamala Harris will be elected Vice President next year. This means that 50 seats for Democrats would result in control of the chamber. But Republicans would need 51 seats to hold their power.

It will be placed on Georgia center stage, as the lot is going to happen.

Both Senate seats in the state are now held by Republican Incumbents. He was forced into the January runoff contest after no candidate reached the 50% limit required to win outright in a multi-candidate race.

GOP will face Sen. Kelly Loeffler Rafael Warnoch, a black pastor of the church where the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Republican Sen. David Trudeau, a top Trump aide, will face Democratic challenger John Osoff.

“Now more than ever, we need to put the Senate in Republican hands,” Loeffler tweeted. She said on Saturday that she and Perdew were “the last line of defense against the radical left.”

Osoff’s campaign aired a new ad, which described a “path to recovery” from the coronovirus epidemic and its economic collapse. He calls for large-scale infrastructure plans to follow the advice of medical experts to tackle the virus and create jobs.

“We need leaders who bring us together to accomplish this,” Osoff says in the ad.

Biden had emphasized the Senate’s balance as he awaited the results in his election, but offered a preview before Tuesday’s election.

“I can’t tell you how important it is that we flip the United States Senate. There is no more consequential state than Georgia in that fight,” Biden declared at the Atlanta rally on Oct. 27, when he told Ossoff And campaigned with Warnock.

Republicans agree. “It’s all over the line in Georgia,” said Steven Law, president of the Senate Leadership Fund, an outside group aligned with McConnell, who made a huge effort to take control of the Senate.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reminded her colleagues for the entire crew during the lame-duck sprint.

“How we handle it over the next two months, how we impact in Georgia,” one person told House Democrats to provide benami property to discuss private Democratic calls. She reminded colleagues to be “honored”.


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