‘Batman’ Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: Kate Ken Mia, Ryan’s [Spoiler]

Warning: This article contains spoilers BatwomanRead the premiere of season 2 at your own risk!

Batwoman In its second season with an exaggerated mystery: What happened to Kate Kane? Sunday’s premiere episode begins with Kate’s plane crashing near the river and exploring the rubble with National Racer Wilder (played by Javisia Leslie). Kate’s body has not been recovered, which gives some hope – including Luke Fox and Kate’s father Jacob Kane – that he may still be alive. However, others, such as her twin sister Alice, gave up the idea that the former vandalist survived that fiery collision and is still out.

With Kate disappearing into action, Batwoman Shoerner Caroline Drees says the questions surrounding her disappearance are not going to end anytime soon.

TVLine states, “This is an ongoing story.” “I applaud people saying, ‘Please don’t drag me through this. We know Ruby [Rose, who exited the series in May] No longer on the show. ‘I wish for it to feel incredibly satisfying, and it takes you through a rollercoaster. All the characters have an inherent interest in finding Kate and have their own perspective on what happened to her. I think the trip to the end result will be worth the ride. “

Kate’s absence means that Wilder steps in as the new Batwoman, and her ascent to superhero status will come with complications of her own. During the season 2 premiere, Tommy Elliott (who was wearing Bruce Wayne’s face) shot him with kryptonite, and remains of crystalline material remain in the wound. Drees says things will be “even worse” for Ryan because he neglects to tell the bat team the extent of his injury.

“It’s a metaphor for a lot of things being shot with this kryptonite. Ryan has to become a hero and prove himself when he’s dealing with this huge issue of being kryptonite in his blood and the whole Keeps a secret from the world, “Driss explains.” To me, as a writer, it’s particularly like the metaphor of women and women of color. ” [who] One needs to go up and out to prove themselves and they have to struggle to be just equal or accepted in secret. “

This wound will be significant for Ryan, who will also deal with homelessness and unemployment in addition to his new Batwoman duties.

“If she believed something to affect [like the kryptonite], She realizes that she will be seen as weak, and that is one thing she can no longer see. You are going to watch her fight that entire season, and rely on Luke and Mary, whose main focus is finding Kate, ”says Leslie. “Ryan knows that, and there’s a constant in comparison to this [Kate]. After a while, Ryan is like, ‘I’m here, and you guys can’t even see me.’

According to Drees, Luke would be reluctant to accept Wilder as the new Batman because it would also mean Kate was dead. “He really struggles with that,” Drees says. “Nothing against Ryan is that he doesn’t want to say goodbye to Kate. As Ryan and Luke’s dynamic begins with some friction, it will evolve into a real brotherly dynamic. But in the end, Ryan has to put his foot down like, ‘Look, I’m the one who wears the symbol. I’m the one who takes the pills. I’m putting myself in harm’s way, so I’m the leader here. I’m Batman I am indifferent to him, but he is always pushing and pulling. Everyone has an opinion on that bat. “

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