Batman resumes production after brief COVID shutdown –

Batman resumes production after brief COVID shutdown

Robert Pattinson in Batman

Robert Pattinson in Batman
Photo: Warner Bros. / DDC Comics

two weeks ago, We told that Production on Matt Reeves’ Batman Was closed Just a few days after the end of his coronavirus hatus because an unnamed crew member tested positive for COVID-19. Later that day, reports surfaced that the positive test was none other than star Robert Pattinson, who was playing the role of Batman himself. Warner Bros. never confirmed that it was Pattinson, just wanted to say that anyone who tested positive wanted to protect his privacy, but it quickly became one of those unconfirmed Hollywood rumors that everyone Someone assumes the truth – which means it was probably true and everyone in the show business is constantly being followed by people who would gladly sell their privacy in exchange for the thrill of sending the media to a hot tip (such a one Is also not news).

Anyway, it’s been two weeks, the COVID symptoms have reportedly been going on for the past two weeks, and so now Variety it is said Produce on Batman Has officially resumed. Warner Bros. confirmed that the film asked for “COVID-19 quarantine precautions”, without saying what they were or if a specific cast were involved, but filming has now resumed. Variety Says that the film continued to work technically without a nameless actor, as “some sets continued to be produced,” although the cameras had “effectively stopped rolling.” (This means that they were still rolling a little bit, but things probably wouldn’t have gone back too badly if Hetus was only a few weeks long.)


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