Baseless claims and opposition to election results at DC Trump’s rally

  • Supporters of President Donald Trump protested in support of their unfounded claims of voter fraud and protested the election results in DC on Saturday.
  • After winning by 20 electoral votes last week at Pennsylvania, Insider and Decision Desk headquarters, Joe Biden defeated Trump and was elected to the presidency, but the president has yet to accept.
  • The president took out a rally in a motorcycle, the video showed.
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A crowd of supporters of President Donald Trump rallied in Washington, D.C. on Saturday to retract their unbridled claims that the election was stolen on Saturday.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden defeated Trump last week after securing 20 electoral votes from Pennsylvania, Insider and Decision Desk headquarters and was president-elect. However, the president has not yet accepted and repeated unfounded claims of voter fraud.

Supporters of the president rallied behind his claims and protested the election results, with many organizing “anti-theft” demonstrations.

According to The Washington Post, Saturday’s rally in DC attracted thousands of supporters, including conservative speakers and members of the extremist group “The Proud Boys”. Some protesters gathered in a block of the White House at Freedom Plaza, as the crowd grew on nearby Pennsylvania Avenue.

White House Deputy Chief of Staff Communications Dan Scavino and Press Secretary Kayle McNee tweeted and also tweeted videos and photos with glowing messages of support from attendees.

McEnany claimed that “more than a million” protesters were in attendance, refuting reports from the Post and Fox News that the march attracted thousands of supporters.

Several videos posted on social media showed supporters wave to the president as he took out a rally on a motorcycle on Saturday morning.

Later that afternoon, Trump wrote atop a photo of the crowd tweeted by Scavino that the rally is evidence that “people are not going to stand to steal this election,” and their baseless claims of voter fraud Increase.

USA Today reporter Kristal Hayes wrote on Twitter that some counter-protesters were also present at the rally.

President-Elect Biden is reportedly considering legal action as Trump refuses to refuse.

Although Biden’s campaign has activated his transition team and reportedly identified top picks for key cabinet roles, they are yet to begin a formal transition until the General Services Administration has formally Has not determined a “clearly successful candidate” in the election, the Associated Press previously reported.

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