Barry Sanders’ legal threat beers trolls Detroit Lions

A Detroit brewery had made a beer, the same Old Lagger, which seemed fun in the Detroit Lions. Soon after its debut, that beer is no longer around.

The Detroit Free Press reported Monday that the Eastern Market Brewing Company has stopped making and selling beer after running the Hall of Fame Barry Sanders – whose image can be used in 8-bit form – – to his legal team Was threatened to stop production of beer.

There was a football field in the can for 4.5% alcohol content beer with Sanders’ likeness on the packaging in the same Honolulu blue and silver color that the Lions use.

Sanders apologized for “tricking any fan” by thinking he was involved with Beer – he insisted he had no connection with the company.

There was a Facebook post about the brewery which has disappeared from the brewery’s page. There is no mention of beer on the Eastern Market Brewing website. The Free Press reported the description of the beer as: “This is the classic American legion you expect. Light, crisp and always leave you wanting more. Just call yourself ‘Next Beer, The Beer.’ .

A message was left with Eastern Market Brewing managing partner Deney Bartasch, not immediately returned. The person who answered the phone at the number listed for Eastern Market Brewing said there was no comment in the brewery and refused to give his full name.

The same Old Legger team is a play around Detroit about “another old lion” avoiding a familiar, after the team’s one more fail. Detroit has not won a playoff game since the 1991 season and has not won the division title since the 1993 season.


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