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Barry Jenkins is still very tormented by that Oscar fiasco

As we approached the first anniversary of the time, the Oscars tried to coax us into thinking The La Land was a better movie than Moonlight Barry Jenkins says the nightmare still persecutes. During a round table THR with the only black filmmakers nominated for Best Director in the history of the Oscars – Jordan Peele, Lee Daniels, John Singleton and Jenkins – the director Moonlight relived the horror . "I have never been so distressed as at the party of Vanity Fair after the Oscars," he recalls. "I mean, did you see the program? It's not the kind of thing you're running around with pom-poms." He says that the whole fiasco marred the prize with doubts that lasted for the rest of his year. "Something had changed, I was not sure what that was, I was not sure if that thing belonged to me or to whom I belonged because of how everything happened, and that made 2017 a very long year."

And as much as I try to make Peele excited about her big night, she just can not; the wounds are still very fresh. "I look back on the whole process, the process that you ( look at Jordan ) have handled very well, my friend, and all that shit comes together at the end and because of how things happened, no I enjoyed it, "he says. "And I will never have the opportunity to enjoy that, because even if it happens again, it will not be the same." Moonlight was a very special movie for me. "Please come here so we can hold you, Barry!"

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