Xiaomi and OnePlus at the top of electric financing radiation

Xiaomi and OnePlus at the top of electric financing radiation

Xiaomi Mi A1 has a number of electromagnetic radiation

There is less selective radiation of any digital phone. What is harmful to the human body. The number of electromagnetic radiation from clone phone has recently come to the list. The top of the Xiaomi Mi A1 list is a report published in Germany to show the list of 16 smartphones with the highest electromagnetic radiation. There are several Xiaomi and OnePlus smartphones at the top of this list. In particular, this phone would not be viewed in any Samsung phone.

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Phones that output to & # 39; Most radiation phones can be output to & # 39; most radiation

Photograph by permission: Statista

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In this list posted in Statista, Xiaomi Mi A1 has a number This phone uses 1.74 watts of radiation per kilogram. OnePlus 5T is in number two on this list. The degree of radical attack is on the & # 39; This phone is 1.68 watts per kilogram. The list contains three and four numbers of Mi Max 3 and OnePlus 6T The radiation of these two phones is 1.58 and 1.55 watts per kilogram.

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Allow less radiation phone

Photograph by permission: Statista

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In addition to Xiaomi and OnePlus in the published list, companies that make discharged phones are regarded as HTC, Google, Apple, Sony and ZTE. However, Samsung's smartphone is not in the list of the first 16 smartphones on radiation. Samsung has seen more radiation than the Galaxy Note 8 t-cell phone. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a radical measure of 0.17 watts per kilogram.

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