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When will you meet on iPhone?

Newsgroup November 4, 018, 16:33:52

Dhaka: The tech giant will see the fifth technology in Apple's iPhone in 2020. Meanwhile, the company has started several experiments with the technology, the organization has started.

This information is available in a report published by the US Trade Commission on Fast Companies. Apple did not officially disclose any information about this issue.

It is said in the report that in the year 2017 the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) allowed Apple to test technology in the fifth. The company is working with Intel to integrate technology into the iPhone. Intel 8161 model chips may be used for IPvone technology in the 2020 release.

But this chip quickly gets hot. As a result, the iPhone will be hot if using some time. Intel and Apple are working to fix this error.

In addition to Intel, Apple is thinking of using MediaTek's fifth chip as an alternative. If the Intel Chip error is not resolved, then Apple may be badociated with MediaTek, the shock appears to be in the Fast Company report.

Qualcomm was offering cellular modem chips for a long time on iPhone. However, due to patent-related conflict, there was a bit of bitterness about the two organizations. So leaving Qualcomm, Apple is collecting iPhone chips from Intel.

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