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Walton's cassette type AC has responded

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Business Hour Reporter: Walton's air conditioner made in the country or the AC has been the top consumer choice for the past few years. Smart AC is bringing the latest technology to Walton market through regular research. Walton branded cbadette type AC in the market due to wide demand. There is a great demand for cbadette type ac in various industrial spaces such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals, etc.

According to the source, Walton AC sales of the country's largest brand has increased this year. Walton authorities said that about 20 percent more AC sales have been sold in the first six months of the current year (January to June) than the same period last year.

According to the vendors, Walton's Ionizer, Inverter, Smart and Four-D Cooling has contributed to this growth in sales. Like the newest model of modern technology AC. The vendors said that the market price of the newly arrived Walton's 42,000 BTU (British Thermal Unit) and 52,000 BTU cbadette type AC price is Tk 1.04 lakh and Tk 555,000 respectively.

It is known that on the mobile phone The domestic company has released a 1.5-ton and 2-ton new model Smart AC in place of controllable mbadively power-saving inverter technology. As a result of the addition of the Ionizer technology in Walton, the air will be dust-free and bacterial.

Walton AC will again control the customer's mobile phone apparatus with the addition of IOT (Internet of Things) in any part of the world. The room is cold, because the addition of 4-D cooling technology to Walton Aisi is fast. Originally, due to these special aspects, customer proficiency of Walton AC has increased greatly.

It is reported that Walton has announced Mega Digital Campaign across the country for the upcoming Korban Eid. Under this, any Walton Plaza or distributor from the country can buy the AC from the showroom and the buyer can get the brand New Car. Get Freeze, Television and AC Free or Sure Cashback

Walton authorities said that the safety of the wind, relatively low electricity costs, accurate BTU (British thermal unit) certification, maintaining high quality, eight months of guarantee guarantee for up to six months of repairs guarantees , 3 years free after-sale facility, free installation facility, 36-month easy installment facility, nation wide Of this, 18 thousand BTU (one and a half) of inverter technology and 24 thousand BTU (two tonnes) of Walton smart AC price is falling to be 65 thousand and 78 thousand rupees respectively.

Only one and a half tonnes of inverter technology and two tonnes of AC price of 63 thousand 5 ' Shaw money and 76 thousand 5 taka Again, one and a half tones of ionizer technology are available at 499 and 56 thousand 9 taka respectively. 17,200 BTU Walton AC corresponds to 45 thousand 9 taka. And 12000 (one ton) BTU's Walton AC is available at Tk 35.99.

Walton's Chief Operating Officer Engineer Ishaq Rony said that production and marketing of AC quality and proper BTU is higher than any brand in the local market. Walton After all, one of the world's most advanced technology is being added. Ceramic Golden Fine Color Technology is being used in the AC Condor. In this, Walton AC is sustainable lasting.

Engineers said that the inverter technology of Walton's TC Which quickly reduces the room temperature and quickly cools the room. In this technology, PCP or motherboard is controlled by the special programming of microprocessors, according to the temperature of the room, the speed of the compbad is controlled.

That means decreasing the temperature of the room and decreasing speed. Walton sir is used in the world wide, fully environmentally friendly HFC gas free and refrigerant at 410.

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