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Sony's smartphone business is coming down

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According to the report, Sony has only 20 million mobile phones in the end of July this year
Could have sold the device. This number is less than 14 lakhs compared to the same period last year. "
The time taken to write this report is that more than Apple sold more smartphone
Is doing ", commenting on the number of Sony's smartphone sales, such as Varge Reporter.

Sony has sold 1.35 billion smartphones in the year 2017, and in April this year the company has
In the year 2015-2015, one million smartphones are expected to sell. Hope this is
Instead of the number 90 lakhs, the organization has made it. 549 in mobile phone sector in the whole year 2018
Sony's expectations of billion dollar earnings.

In the report
It is said, the least relevant smartphone among the global Android device makers
Sony and HTC are in the race for topping the list.

Just so
Looking at the whole financial report, without seeing the smartphone sector, it's positive for Sony
It is seen as Most of the departments are being upgraded at satisfactory rates. Leadership again in this case
PlayStation Gaming Division.

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